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Zeus Class
Production information
Ore Cost


Crystal Cost


Hydrogen Cost


Technical specifications
Cargo capacity


Base Speed


Engine unit(s)

Warp Drive




The Zeus is the heaviest assault unit. Its massive firepower is unrivalled.




The Zeus Class is the ultimate warship. It possesses Rapid Fire against all other units in the universe except the Plasma Cannon, Large Decoy, Decoy, Hephaestus Class Attack Platform, and other Zeus. Furthermore, its massive hull and shield ratings make it difficult to destroy (see the Ineffectiveness Rule), and it can bring down every other ship and defense with a single hit except for other Zeus Class and Hephaestus Class Attack Platforms. It is also often used to destroy Defense on players that become inactive while in Diplomacy Mode.


It is more of a planetoid than a ship, with a base speed a twentieth of the pathetic speed of a Dionysus Class. It's incredibly expensive both to research and to build. Due to the expense, it can make the owner a target for those who think it would look better in their recyclers. It is best used as a defense, as any attacker who used it in an attack would be giving hours warning before it would actually strike, though it can be quite effective as an attack unit vs. powerful inactives. The Zeus is a fairly inefficient ship for its resource cost, however its massive weapons' power gives it an edge in combat.



Hull Rating: 900,000
Shield Rating: 50,000
Weapons Rating: 200,000
Cargo Capacity: 1,000,000
Base Speed: 100
Hydrogen Consumption: 1
Engine Type: Warp Drive


Ore: 5,000,000
Crystal: 4,000,000
Hydrogen: 1,000,000


AI Tech Level 12
Energy Tech Level 11
FTL Tech Level 9
Laser Tech Level 14
Plasma Tech Level 9
Shipyard Level 12
Warp Drive Level 8
Weapons Tech Level 11

Rapid Fire

Speed Estimates

Time is in the format hours:minutes

rounded to the nearest minute

Warp Drive
Tech 8 Time
Tech 9 Time
Tech 10 Time
Tech 11 Time
1(1005) 5:17 5:04 4:53 4:42
10(1050) 5:24 5:11 4:59 4:48
1 (2795) 8:49 8:27 8:07 7:50
5 (3175) 9:24 9:01 8:40 8:21
10 (3650) 10:05 9:40 9:17 8:58
25 (5075) 11:53 11:23 10:57 10:34
50 (7450) 14:24 13:48 13:16 12:48
1 (20000) 23:35 22:36 21:45 20:58
2 (40000) 33:21 31:58 30:45 29:39
3 (60000) 40:51 39:09 37:39 36:19

Other Information

The Zeus Class is drawn to look extremely close to the Death Star from Star Wars.

Easter Eggs

The most immediate response most people would get is the resemblance to that of the Death Star of Star Wars. Sadly, the Zeus does not have planet-destroying capabilities, or else the game would turn unfair for many. But in the Nova universe it can destroy Moons.

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