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Shadow Probe
Production information
Ore Cost


Crystal Cost


Hydrogen Cost


Technical specifications
Hull Rating


Shield Rating


Weapons Rating


Base Speed


Engine unit(s)

Jet Drive

Lucky Draw



The Shadow Probe is similar to the Hermes Class Probe in that it is used to perform espionage on other planets. The Shadow Probe can be used to perform espionage in two ways: (1) by clicking the eye-shaped icon in the Galaxy Screen for the planet you wish to espionage, (2) by sending it from your Fleets Screen by typing in the coordinates and selecting the espionage action type. Unlike the Hermes Probe, the Shadow Probe can only be used once, cannot be detected, and returns all information regardless of target's espionage levels. A incoming espionage fleet with only Shadow probes do not appear on the fleet screen.

Cost and Specifications


Ore: 0
Crystal: 0
Hydrogen: 0
Credits: 20,000



Hull Rating: 100
Shield Rating: 0
Weapons Rating: 0
Cargo Capacity: 5
Base Speed: 100,000,000
Hydrogen Consumption: 1
Engine Type: Jet Drive

Rapid Fire

Against Shadow
Helios x 0
Charon Class Transport x 0
Hermes Class Probe x 0
Zeus x 1250
All Others x 5

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