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Welcome to the Starfleet Commander community portal.
This is the place to find out what is happening on the Starfleet Commander wiki.
  • Learn about the wiki, use the manual of styles, read the policies and guidelines.
  • Helping out with completing tasks from the to-do lists.
  • Request new pages, articles, categories or templates.
  • Post new proposals, discuss or commenting on current tasks.
  • Getting help, get in contact with the administrators.
  • Are you a wiki professional? Request user rights and help making the wiki stay clean.
1 Getting started
2 General help
3 Contribute and helping out
4 Policies and guidelines
5 Proposals and requests
6 Questions and answers
7 See also

Getting started

New to a wiki? Learn what a wiki is all about.

General help




The following features require extra permissions that are not normally granted to all wiki users.

Consult the User's Guide for more information on using the wiki software.

Contribute and helping out

General tasks


See also: Starfleet Commander:Tasks - Ongoing site tasks. Get involved!

Administrator tasks

  • Patrol new or changed articles and pages.

Policies and guidelines

Starfleet Commander has many established policies, guidelines, conventions, and traditions. This is a very brief sampling of some of the most important; for more information, see the main policies and guidelines page. Policies and guidelines apply to both articles and how to work with fellow editors.


Some pages on Starfleet Commander are Locked, which means they can not be edited or modified by anyone except an Administrator. Other pages may be Protected, which means they may only be edited by registered users. A page may be protected or locked for any number of reasons; because of high traffic and importance, continuous vandalism, edit wars, and so on.


Starfleet Commander allows for the uploading of images for use on article pages and user pages. To allow for the smooth operation of the site and to ensure that no one is offended, this guideline is in place for the uploading and usage of images and image contents. Uploading images can be done at the Upload file page. However, some images are subject to immediate deletion if they are determined to serve no purpose, are offensive/inappropriate, or are against Starfleet Commander's productive spirit.


This policy details Starfleet Commander's policies on notability, which is based off Wikipedia's notability policy. Notability determines whether a topic merits its own article. Article topics are required to be notable, or "worthy of notice." It is important to note that a notability determination does not necessarily depend on things like fame, importance, or the popularity of a topic—although those may enhance the acceptability of a subject that meets the guidelines explained below.


In order to identify users and attribute comments and votes on talk pages, forum threads, and other discussion pages on Starfleet Commander, user comments must be signed. This is particularly important on pages where voting is involved: votes which are unsigned and undated may be considered invalid.


Proposals and requests

  • Create wanted pages
  • Propose new pages, articles, categories or templates
  • Request help or actions to be taken.

Current projects

Questions and answers

Comments about specific articles

Each article has its own talk page to ask questions or make constructive comments regarding its content, when you are viewing the article, just click on the discussion link at the top of the page. Bear in mind, however, that the wiki is not a forum for discussion about the topics of articles – comments should be limited to the article's content. For discussions about the topics use the Starfleet Commander forum

See also

If you have checked the above pages and still need further help, then you can try asking a question at the support desk.

Basic information

Important pages