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Requests for Adminship, abbreviated as RfAs, are requests for users to be granted Starfleet Commander:Administrators positions on Starfleet Commander. As Starfleet Commander's community size and article count grows, more Admins may be required to maintain its operation, as well as replace administrators who have become inactive.

RfAs can be closed early if current Administrators see that the candidate has little chance of success, but only an admin may do this. Requests may also be withdrawn at the request of the nominee or the person who nominated them.


All nominees must fit the following requirements before nomination. If a nominee does not fit the requirements, an administrator may close the nomination immediately.

  • At least 50 total edits, including at least 10 main space edits.
  • No history of vandalism or abuse of Starfleet Commander for the user in question, and no history of compromised accounts for the user in question.
  • No history of blocking on the basis of harassment or personal attacks.
  • They have demonstrated they are willing to take on additional responsibilities to make the community better.
  • They have dealings with other users on a regular basis in a fair, restrained, and constructive manner.
  • They have demonstrated an understanding of the community's methods of operation.


Nominators, nominees, and voters should follow the following procedures while the proceedings are active.

  1. A nominee must be nominated in the talk page either by a different user or they can nominate them selves.
  2. A current administrator must check any new RFA to ensure that the nominee fits the requirements for administratorship.
  3. Wiki editors are encouraged to vote {{Template:Support}}, {{Template:Neutral}}, or {{Template:Oppose}} the nomination.
    1. Voting may commence only after the nominee accepts the nomination, if the nominee does.
    2. Voters must have at least 10 edits to Starfleet Commander, and have been active one month before submission of the RfA. Sockpuppets will not be allowed, and upon the discrimination of the current administration, sockpuppet votes, if present, will be identified, and their votes rendered null. Sockpuppet masters, if found, may be subject to punishment for violation of Starfleet Commander's sockpuppet policy.
  4. The RFA will be open for at least 2 weeks while users submit their input. It may be closed prematurely by a request by the nominee at any time.
  5. The nominee is fully encouraged, though not required, to publicly respond to any criticisms to allow differences to be sorted out.
  6. The final result of the voting will determine the next step.
    1. If there are multiple unresolved issues with the user's character or history, the RfA will continue for longer until the questions are either satisfiably resolved, or an overwhelming majority of users still support the RfA.
    2. According to Wikia policy, the "current administrators" will be the final deciders of the vote, although at Starfleet Commander, community input is greatly weighted.
Requests for Adminship Archive

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