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Diplomacy Mode is a protection measure against attacks from other players that you can select or de-select for your whole account. In exchange for that, your resource income gets taxed at a noticeable rate. For the balance of force, you won't be able to launch probes, missiles or attacks while in diplomacy mode. This mode is enabled and disabled with a 24 hour delay using the Options page that is reachable via the lower menu.

If you have an emergency and need immediate protection from future attacks, vacation mode might be a better option.

Mode Details

In normal Diplomacy Mode, you cannot attack, launch interplanetary ballistic missiles at, or espionage other players and other players cannot attack, launch interplanetary ballistic missiles at, or espionage you because everyone is "Neutral" (See "Galaxy Screen" info on the Activity page of this wiki). However, you may be attacked while in Diplomacy mode if you become inactive. You may also not engage in group defend operations. You may transport/trade resources to or receive resources from other players and deploy/transport between your own planets, as well as create new Colonies. You may also harvest Debris Fields.

Now, in return for the protection, you are taxed a percentage of all earnings (from mines, missions, etc.) while in Diplomacy Mode. The percentage is based on your Resources Spent Points (Building), which are found by viewing the leader board. <i-fix group defend-i>

Resource Spent Tax
0-49,999 25%
50,000-99,999 50%
100,000+ 75%

You can also identify how much product you're being taxed by going to the Buildings page--compare the overall (post tax) production to the mine production:

Overall production.png Mine production.png
Overall Production Mine Production

Turning Diplomacy Mode on or off takes 24 hours. While toggling Diplomacy, you will remain in your current state for the 24 hours. So when turning it on, you will remain outside of Diplomacy Mode (and therefore able to be attacked) for 24 hours until it becomes effective. Attacks sent before Diplomacy Mode takes effect may still land afterward (see note below). If you abandon the planet that you initiated the task on before you enter diplomacy mode, diplomacy mode will be canceled.

While entering Diplomacy Mode (the 24 hour period before diplomacy mode is enabled) you may upgrade buildings, perform research, deploy, transport, colonize and harvest. Espionage, group defends, and attacks are not allowed.


  • There is no time limit on Diplomacy Mode, however becoming inactive (i.e. not logging in for 7 days) will make you vulnerable to attack despite being in Diplomacy Mode until you become active again.
  • To enter or leave diplomacy mode, use the options link in the menu at the bottom of the game screen.
  • Attacks sent before transition into diplomacy mode completes will continue despite the final entry into diplomacy mode. However, no further espionage may be performed, so no additional details of the state of the target may be ascertained, so the attack becomes blind at that point, and hence substantially risky to continue.
  • Diplomacy Mode is for the whole account, not individual planets.
  • Players in Diplomacy Mode may not use, or be targeted by, an Oracle. However, an Oracle may be used during the entering-diplomacy transitional period. When in full Diplomacy Mode, the Oracle owner will continue to see Oracle scan icons in the Galaxy Screen, but attempting to use one results in an error message.
  • The state of diplomacy mode is shown in the Galaxy tab, in the player column:
    • (d) indicates a player is in diplomacy mode.
    • (d!) indicates a player is in diplomacy and toggling out.
    • (!) indicates a player is toggling into diplomacy mode.
  • No annotation means they are not in diplomacy mode. The meaning of other flag letters can be found by clicking on the legend link near the bottom of the page.