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It uses advanced energy and plasma technology focused through extremely powerful magnetic fields to direct its plasma wave at the enemy causing massive damage to shields and hull.


The most powerful defense in the universe. No ships have Rapid Fire against it, and it deals enough damage to destroy a Poseidon Class in one shot. It might also occasionally destroy an Athena Class in one shot thanks to its high damage. See "Destroying" in Combat.


The only downside of the Plasma Cannon is that it is quite expensive.



Ore: 50,000
Crystal: 50,000
Hydrogen: 30,000


Hull Rating: 10,000
Shield Rating: 300
Weapons Rating: 3,000


Shipyard Level 8
Plasma Tech Level 7

Easter Eggs

The logo on the Plasma cannon is very similar to the logo of the Tau from Warhammer 40k, and it also resembles one of their railguns.

It is also very similar to the logo of Marathon, the video game.

There is also a little resemblance to that of the Homeworld series when flipped upside-down. The logo then appears to be very similar to that of the Kushans and Higaarans.

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