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Gaia Class Colony Ship
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This is the specialized ship used to colonize new planets.


The Gaia Class is somewhat slow and uses lots of Hydrogen to arrive at the new settlement. It also is one-time use per ship because it destroys itself in the process of making a colony. It is not regained upon abandoning a planet. Until it is used to colonize, it can be sent on a harvesting, attack, or transport mission just as any other ship. Only sending it to an empty slot will use up the ship.

As with all ships, recalling the Gaia Class ship will result in the loss of the hydrogen used to send the fleet however you will not lose the ship itself. In addition, it has been reported that all the hydrogen sent with the ship will be lost as well.


It can also be used as an attack buffer, since there is no ship besides the Zeus that has rapid fire against it. Potentially, it could be used to take a shot from a Prometheus and save an Athena, Hades, or other Prometheus from that attack. However, it has almost no weapons in this type of fight, is very slow, and, has only a little bit more armor than a Poseidon.



Hull Rating: 3,000
Shield Rating: 100
Weapons Rating: 50
Cargo Capacity: 7,500
Base Speed: 2,500
Hydrogen Consumption: 1,000
Engine Type: Pulse Drive


Ore: 10,000


Pulse Drive Level 3
Shipyard Level 4

Rapid Fire

On Others
Charon Class x 5
Hermes Class x 5
Solar Satellite x 5

Against Gaia
Thanatos Class x 50
Zeus Class x 250

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