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Blue Frog Gaming release a new universes approximately every 6 months. You may have an account in each universe.

Universes are listed below in the order that they were released.

Universe 1

Universe one (Uni1, also known as Original or SFCO) was the first universe created. It entered beta in August 2009, had its last reset September 4, and by December 2009 had gained 70,000 daily users. See More


Extreme (SFCX, or just X) was the second universe, released January 2010. Everything with the exception of missions runs twice as fast, and diplomacy mode is unavailable. See More

Universe 2

Universe 2 (U2) was the third universe released, in August 2010. It has new mine formulas that doubled the mine output. See More

Extreme 2

Extreme 2 (X2) was the fourth universe released, in December 2010. It features not only double the speed but also the new mine formulas. See More


Starfleet Commander Nova (Nova) was released March 22, 2012. To answer some of the playerbase's most recurring requests, BFG introduced new ships (Zagreus Class Recycler, Genesis Class Solar Satellite, Shadow Probe, Carmanor Class Cargo, Empusa Class Fighter, Curetes Class Cruiser, Thanatos Class Destroyer, Pallas Class Bomber) and buildings (Lunar Dock, Resource Den). BFG blueprinted the new ships on what they thought the best player ship suggestions were. A number of those ships were succesful in design, and were retroactively added to older universes.

SFC Nova also introduced the Moon Destruction and the Fleet Escape mechanisms. See More


Starfleet Commander Conquest was released April 16, 2013. It introduced contestable territories. See More

Hired Guns

Starfleet Hired Guns was released December 5, 2013. It replaced moons with contestable, linkable territories, and introduced alien ships and technologies. See More

Universe 3

Starfleet Commander Universe 3 was released April 2, 2014. This universe is in some ways a return to the early days of SFCO before moons were introduced. However, speeds are higher and missions and many ships from newer universes are also included. See More


Starfleet Commander Eradeon was released August 19, 2014. This universe is another combination of new and retro, with original SFCO ships, Nova missions and speeds, and Eradeon from Hired Guns. See More

Eradeon Extreme

Starfleet Commander Eradeon Extreme was released March 4, 2015. The only change from Eradeon is that the game run at the same speed as Conquest.

Eradeon Universe 3

Starfleet Commander Eradeon Universe 3 was released July 1,2015. This universe have the familiar feel of Eradeon Extreme, but NPCs generate debris (30% ships, 0% defenses) and award Eradeon.

Conquest Universe 2

Starfleet Commander Conquest Universe 2 was released November 4th, 2015. It follows the same rules and features as Conquest Uni 1, except that Defense Debris are reduced to 0% and Ship Debris will be reduced to 30% (both in line with most Universes). See More


BFG opened the SFC Tournament universe for time-limited seasons. The first Season began July 9, 2012. Tournaments were fast-paced and intended to appeal to SFC expert players, sometimes including experimental game mechanics. No further seasons are planned. See More

Stardrift Empires

Stardrift Empires (SDE) and SDE Nova are BFG SFC-type games that BFG started in cooperation with SyFy Games. SDE Original opened August 10, 2011; SDE Nova opened October 1, 2012. SDE introduced a number of new features that were later added to SFC universes. It also has much more sophisticated artwork. More information is available on the Stardrift Empires Wiki.

Mafia Boss

Mafia Boss was a Mafia-themed SFC-style game that ran from June 2010 to 2012.