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Starfleet Commander Tournament is the newest of the universes in the Starfleet Commander game series. The universe is based on seasons, and is a time limited, fast paced, smash ‘em up battle to the top of the leader board game. It includes many new changes to ships, defense, buildings and formulas. The ship speed from the Extreme universes, and a new building speed that is approximately three times as fast as the Original universe.


Game Mechanics

About two weeks before the end of each season the exact end date and time will be announced. At the same time the start date and rules that will govern the next season also will be announced. At the end of each season the leader board will be preserved and made accessible outside of the game so that it may always be referenced for eternal bragging rights.

Other Mechanics

Playing in the Tournament Universe will require that you register with a Facebook account. A standalone site will be available, but you will be required to log in using Facebook Connect. It's only a requirements for the creation of the account. After that you can log in with a user name and password once set on the options page.

Starfleet Commander Tournament is available at

Diplomacy mode and vacation mode will not be available in the Tournament Universe.

At the end of the season, all unusued time on commanders and credits will be transferred to the new season. However, all unused items and androids will be destroyed.

The Seasons

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