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Shipyard.png This article is under construction or some major changes are in progress.

Season One of the Tournament Universe was launched on July 9, 2012 at 18:00UTC and ended November 9, 2012 at 21:00UTC. Season One included all of the new ships, defense, and buildings from the Nova universe, the ship speed from the Extreme Universes, and a never before seen building speed at approximately three times faster than the speed in the Original universe.


Rules and Features

The following rules and features was in effect during Season One of the Tournament Universe:

Battle Mechanics

One destroyed ship point per 1,000 resources destroyed.
Season One used the destroyed ship point formula from Starfleet Commander Original Universe.
No destroyed ship points was awarded for attacking non-player characters (NPCs) or inactive players.
We will not be awarding any destroyed ship points for attacking NPCs or inactive players as we continue to work to make the destroyed ship score a reflection of a player’s achievements in hunting other active players.
Proportional destroyed ship points in group attacks.
In all group attacks we will award destroyed ship point proportionately between the attackers based on the resources spent value of the ships contributed to the attack. This will allow destroyed ship points to be a better representation of the ships actually destroyed by each player. For example if one group attacker contributes 1RSP worth of ships to the attack and the other group attacker contributes 99RSP worth of ships to the attack they would respectively receive 1% and 99% of the DSP earned in the battle.
Original Universe Newbie Protection.
Season One will use the Newbie Protection rules from Original Universe. This means that after a player reaches 25,000RSP they can attack or be attacked be any other player over 25,000RSP.
Destructible Moons.
Following the same formula as Starfleet Commander Nova, all moons in the Tournament Universe can be destroyed with Zeus Ships. For more information on moon destruction please see: Moon Destruction.
Non-player characters.
We will be using the spawn frequencies and resource levels for non-player characters found in Starfleet Commander Nova.

Building and Speed Changes

Warp gate.aspx.jpg Reduced warp gate cool down per level.
After the first level of warp gate the cool down for the warp gate will be reduced by 15% for each additional level. When two warp gates have different cool down times, the cool down for the gate ships are sent from will be applied to both gates. See the wiki for more details.
Mining facility.png Mining algorithm.
We will be using the Starfleet Commander Universe 2 base mining formula. The exact algorithm will be available closer to the start of Season One.
Escort ship.png Building and Attack Speeds.
As indicated, we will be using the attack speeds from Starfleet Commander Extreme and we will be introducing for the first time a build speed that is approximately three times as fast as Starfleet Commander Original.

Buildings, Ships, and Defense

All of the buildings, ships, and defenses from Starfleet Commander Nova will be included in the Tournament Universe. The new buildings, ships, and defense added to Nova are as follows:

Other Mechanics

Playing the Tournament Universe - Season One required that you registered with a Facebook account. A standalone site will be available, but you will be required to log in using Facebook Connect.

Diplomacy mode and vacation mode will not be available in the Tournament Universe.

At the end of the season, all unusued time on commanders and credits was transferred to the new season. However, all unused items and androids are destroyed.

The Season One Leaderboards

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