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Microfix Merlin
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Microfix Merlin
Microfix Merlin
Wiki User profile
User Name: Microfix Merlin
Real Name: -
Wiki Signature: -- Microfix Merlin
Gender: Unspesified
Age: 44
Origin: Norway
Personal Quote: So What? I Don't Care!
Last updated: 2017-3-3
Since I'm an administrator on this wiki, I tell a little about my self.

I'm a kid or geek at the age of 44, from Norway. I got my first computer when I was 10, a Sinclair ZX81, after that I was hooked. Have played in all the universes.

SciFi and space takes a lot of my interest, and strategy games. Have all the boxes Xbox PS Wii etc. but usually ends up at some online strategy game, SFC for the most.

Have skills in programming and I know my way around a wiki. If you need any help on the Wiki just ask on my talk page.

Microfix Merlin is my user name. My friends started to call me Microfix because I allways fixed their computers. Merlin I got for the abillity to come up with some fixes out of the blue (like MacGyver.)

My grammer and spelling is my nemesis

:) -- Microfix Merlin

PS: Oh, and I'm not on linux ;( , cause the Commodore 64 has Microsoft basic LOL

My work on the wiki

– Work on the wiki that I'm currently engaged in besides the usual wiki tasks..


  • Startfleet Commander Nova as Micofix Merlin (active, wiki1)
  • Only wiki1) in the other universes.

1Checks for alliance page to be consistent with in-game alliances.

SFC Nova Logo.png
Starfleet Commander Nova
Player Name: Microfix Merlin
Personal Quote: So What? I Don't Care!
Game Stats
Rank:  First General
Overall: 188
Building: 189
Fleet: 138
Research:  84
Defense: 147
Crew:  81
Destroyed Ships:  135
Achievements:  198
Alliance membership
Alliance Name: Colonial Marines (AL≬ENS)
Position: Senior Officer ★★★★
Last updated: 2017-3-3
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