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Shipyard.png This article is under construction or some major changes are in progress.

The Second Season of the Starfleet Commander Tournament Univerese started on November 14, 2012 at 19:00UTC and will run for approximately 6 months. This Season is another time limited, fast paced, smash ‘em up battle to the top of the leader board and will includes new ships, a new building, a new tech, and a number of twists on the classic Starfleet Commander rules. Season Two will use the same ship speed as Season One and the building speed from the Nova Universe. The preliminary rule set for this tournament will include:

  • Increase the percentage of ship resources to the debris field.
  • Allow a portion of defense resources to the debris field.
  • No newbie protection.
  • Attack speed will be the same as Season One of the Tournament.
  • Build speed will be the same as Nova.

We will publish the exact percentages and additional rules for Season Two of the Tournament as we approach the start date. We look forward to the hunt.

The Universe is available at and on Facebook.

At least two weeks before the end of Season Two we will announce the exact end date and time. Light Bulb Icon.png Note: The length of the Second Season has not yet been finalized, but rumors say approximately end date around May 10th. At that time we will also announce the start date and rules that will govern Season Three. At the end of the Season the leader board will be preserved and made accessible in future Seasons so that it may always be referenced for eternal bragging rights.

The following rules and features will be in effect during Season Two of the Tournament Universe:


Battle Mechanics

One destroyed ship point per 1,000 resources destroyed. Season Two will use the destroyed ship point formula from Starfleet Commander Original Universe.

Debris Fields. 80% of the ore and crystal used to build ships will now be placed into the debris fields. Additionally, 30% of the ore and crystal used to build destroyed defenses in battle will be placed into the debris fields.

No destroyed ship points will be awarded for attacking non-player characters (NPCs) or inactive players. We will not be awarding any destroyed ship points for attacking NPCs or inactive players.

Non-player characters. NPCs will be capped to a maximum size of 250,000RSP.

Proportional destroyed ship points in group attacks. In all group attacks we will award destroyed ship point proportionately between the attackers based on the resources spent value of the ships contributed to the attack. This will allow destroyed ship points to be a better representation of the ships actually destroyed by each player. For example if one group attacker contributes 1RSP worth of ships to the attack and the other group attacker contributes 99RSP worth of ships to the attack they would respectively receive 1% and 99% of the DSP earned in the battle.

No Newbie Protection. Season Two will have no Newbie Protection. This means that you may be attacked by any player at any time once entering the tournament.

No Zeus or Empusa. The Zeus and Empusa will not be available during Season Two of the Tournament.

Reduced Shield and Weapons Rating on Curetes. The Curetes has has the shield rating reduced to 1400 and the weapons rating reduced to 75.

Non-battle Mechanics Changes

Moon 1.png No Moons.
Season Two of the Tournament will have no moons and therefore no moon related structures.
Planet 2.png Systems and Galaxies.
Season Two of the Tournament will have 30 planets per system and only 4 galaxies.
Mining facility.png Mining algorithm.
We will be using the Starfleet Commander Universe 2 base mining formula modified to Starfleet Commander Nova building speeds.
Escort ship.png Building and Attack Speeds.
As indicated, we will be using the attack speeds from Season One of the Tournament and we will be using the build speed Starfleet Commander Nova.
Answer call.png No Missions or crew droids.
All missions and crew droids have been removed from Season Two of the Tournament.

New Building, Tech, and Ships

The new buildings, ships, and defense added to Nova are as follows:

Tiresias.png Tiresias Tower
The Tiresias Tower can be built on your planet and allows you to scan a planet for details concerning any attacks traveling to or from the planet. Increase your Vessel Detection Technology to improve the reliability of the information you obtain.
Vessel detection.png Vessel Detection Tech
Vessel Detection allows you track the attacks traveling to and from nearby planets. Increasing the level of this Tech will increase your chance of obtaining more valuable information and will make it more difficult for others to obtain information about your fleet activity.
Erebus.png Erebus Class Fighter
The Erebus is a lightweight fighter with a heavyweight weapons system. During combat the Erebus will always fire three times per round, ignoring all shields and directly striking the hull of the ships and defenses of your enemies.
Moros.png Moros Class Fighter
The Moros is the big brother to the lightweight Erebus. During combat the advanced weapons system of the Moros will fire three times per round, ignoring all shields and directly striking the hull of the ships and defenses of your enemies.

Other Mechanics

Playing in the Tournament Universe will require that you register with a Facebook account. A standalone site will be available to log in after the account is created.

Diplomacy mode and vacation mode will not be available in the Tournament Universe.

At the end of the season, all unused time on commanders and credits will be transferred to the new season. However, all unused items and androids will be destroyed.

A spreadsheet with many of the changes for Season Two can be found here.

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