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Starfleet Commander Extreme is a faster universe (than the original) that opened on January 20th, 2010. It differs in the following regards:

  1. There is no Diplomacy Mode. (There is still Vacation Mode).
  2. Everything is double speed. Ships fly twice as fast. Mines pay out twice as much, buildings and techs will complete in half the time. The only exceptions are missions, which remain the same.
  3. The logo has an awesome "EXTREME" stamp on it, thus letting you know how EXTREME you are every time you play it. Drinking Mountain Dew while sending out attacks is also encouraged, but not necessary.

The following ships are available:

Icon regen solar satellite.png Icon stealth probe class.png Hermes class.png Solar satellite.png Artemis class.png Atlas class.png Apollo class.png Zagreus.png Charon class.png Hercules class.png Dionysus class.png Poseidon class.png Carmanor.png Gaia class.png Athena class.png Ares class.png Hades class.png Prometheus class.png Zeus class.png Roaming planet.png

Starfleet Commander Extreme is Starfleet Commander on speed.

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