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Eradeon is a fourth resource available in Starfleet Hired Guns and Starfleet Commander Eradeon. It has the appearance of green bars: Eradeon icon.png It can be used to increase the base stats of any ship or defense in the game. Eradeon is obtained by attacking NPCs. It is applied to units in the Shipyard.

Eradeon does not take up space and is available everywhere. (In this way, it is similar to Credits.) When an NPC is defeated, the Eradeon is awarded immediately, without waiting for the ships to return.



Eradeon increases cargo capacity, speed, weapons, shield, and hull ratings of the unit (ship or defense) to which it is applied. Since drive and combat technologies apply to the Eradeon-modified base values, the effect (at least for the first level) is the same as increasing the current values. A ship with a 100% boost (rating doubled) due to research and a 100% boost (doubled again) due to Eradeon would have a 300% increase in (quadruple) effective rating.

Other ship features are not improved. For example, Helios do not produce extra power, nor are Charons able to transport additional occupants. Fuel consumption is also not modified, although the higher a ship's normal speed, the less fuel it uses when launched with slower ships.


The cost to increase a unit's Eradeon level (also called “applying” the Eradeon or “building” an Eradeon level) starts out at 4% (or 1/25) of the unit's cost in converted resources and doubles for each Eradeon level. The time to apply Eradeon can be reduced by building a larger Shipyard. However, the build time is not improved by the presence of a Foundry or Construction building.

Build Exclusion

Shipyards can build ships (or defenses) and build an Eradeon level at the same time, but to some extent, building an Eradeon level for a given unit type excludes building that unit.

Like research, only one Eradeon build may take place at a time; all shipyards are “aware” of an Eradeon build happening at any of them. In order to start building the Eradeon level for a given unit, no units of that type may be building or queued at the Shipyard where the Eradeon is to be applied. Once an Eradeon build is in progress, no units of that type may be queued at any shipyard until the build completes or is canceled.

However, Shipyards are not aware of what ships are being built at other Shipyards. Therefore, units can be queued at other Shipyards first, and then the Eradeon build started at a Shipyard where units of that type are not queued.

Eradeon builds, like research and buildings, cannot be queued but can be canceled.

Hired Guns

Each Eradeon level increases unit base stats by 10%.

Eradeon is awarded as 1% of the converted resources total for any plunder you take from an NPC. (As usual, NPCs despawn when at least 85% of the resources (all considered equivalent) have been plundered.) Therefore, in a Group Attack, the Eradeon is awarded proportional to the amount of plunder each player carries away.

Starfleet Commander Eradeon

Each Eradeon level increases unit base stats by 5%.

An Eradeon value is assigned to each NPC. A successful attack on the NPC awards all Eradeon immediately, and the NPC despawns.

In a Group Attack, the Eradeon is awarded proportional to the participants' RSP involved.

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