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Resources are your empire's building blocks. You use them to build ships, defenses, buildings, and droids, to research new technologies, and to move your ships around.

Resources are known colloquially as res or OCH (for Ore, Crystal, Hydrogen). They are acquired through mining, from plunder of NPCs, from Lucky Draw resource packs quests or missions, or ultimately by plundering other players and collecting the debris after a battle. One type of resource can be traded for another with another player or by using the Merchant.

Types of Resources


Rocks that contain the various elements your ships and buildings are built with are plentiful on all habitable planets. By building and leveling up your Ore Mine your empire will be able to extract the precious metals needed to grow your fleet.


A primary component in most electronics, crystal is also plentiful on most planets but is more scarce and therefore more valuable than ore. The Crystal Mine is generally the second you will build on a new planet, and will enable you to build bigger and better buildings and ships and research new technologies.


Hydrogen gas is the fuel used in the nuclear fusion reactions that power your ships. It can also be used by a Nuclear Power Plant to generate electricity to help power your mines. It must be separated from water by electrolysis in the Hydrogen Synthesizer. The process is slow and energy intensive, making hydrogen one of the most valuable resources in the universe.


The base amount of ore, crystal and hydrogen that can be stored on any given planet is 100,000 of each. This number can be increased for each resource individually by building the associated storage building: Ore Warehouses, Crystal Warehouses, and Hydrogen Storage.

When/if the amount in storage of any resource exceeds the storage capacity you will not lose any of it, but your mine(s) or hydrogen synthesizer will no longer produce that resource. This only effects the planet that is "full" so having full storage on one planet will not effect production on other planets where the is still storage capacity left.

Starfleet Commander Nova

In the Starfleet Commander Nova universe there is a special building called Resource Den. This building protects resources from getting plundered under an attack.


Mines & hydrogen synthesizers require energy to operate, which they get from your Solar Array, Nuclear Power Plant and Helios Class Solar Satellites.

If there is insufficient energy available production of ore, crystal & hydrogen is reduced. Should this be the case the energy shortfall is shared between ore, crystal & hydrogen production facilities. The shortage is shared equally between all 3 facilities as a percentage of their requirements. So if overall the shortage is 20% each facility will be 20% short of energy, and produce 20% less resource.

Light Bulb Icon.png Note:  Rounding errors occur. The planet might lack 99 energy, but when looking at the ore, crystal and hydro facilities you see 33, 34 & 33 lacking, giving a total of 100.

Resources Spent Points

Resources Spent Points (RSP) simply total the amount of resources spent (Ore, Crystal, and Hydrogen all considered equivalent) for all research projects, as well as any ships, droids, defenses, and buildings that are in your possession, and divides this amount by 1,000. See the article on the Leader board for more details.

Converted Resources

Converted resources is a unit of measurement that values resources at the amount of Ore they can be traded for by the Merchant. That is, each unit of Crystal is considered to be worth five-thirds of a unit of Ore (2.5/1.5 or about 1.667) and each unit of Hydrogen as five-halves (2.5) Ore. This is useful in reducing overall productivity, profitability, or return-on-investment to a single number, though at the risk of oversimplification.

Hourly and daily converted resources mine output totals are reported on the Summary tab of the All Planets Overview page linked from any planet's Home page.

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