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Quests are available from the in-game advisor. They are designed to guide a new player through the beginning of Stardrift Empires and provide rewards for various rewards for their completion.


The initial tutorial guides a new player through the very basics.

  1. Select in game name
  2. Build Solar Array
  3. Complete building Solar Array by waiting or using Credits
  4. Build Ore Mine
  5. Run mission Raid Unguarded Crystal
  6. Claim reward of 1 Atlas Cargo ship and Admiral for one week.


Quests are an extended tutorial, guiding players through several beginning steps including solar energy, mines, espionage, harvesting debris, etcetera.

Name Description Requirements Rewards
Solar Powered Building up your mines and refineries will demand that an adequate
amount of energy be accessible for operation.
Upgrade Solar Array to Level 2 200 Ore
Artful Operations Sending your ships on missions is a good way to obtain resources.
Since they are away from the colony, it is also a means of keeping your
ships safe from attack.
Run 3 Repeatable Missions
Start a Daily Mission
100 Hydrogen
1 Crew Droid
Building Block Without a steady income of resources, you cannot hope to build and
operate a fleet.
Build Crystal Mine
Build Hydrogen Synthesizer
200 Ore
100 Crystal
Energize As the demand for resource production grows, so too does your need
of energy generation.
Upgrade Solar Array to Level 5 400 Ore
200 Crystal
A New Force Rises Establishing a Capitol will make building and upgrading tasks perform
faster on this planet. Let your presence be known in this galaxy by
naming your Homeworld.
Build a Capitol
Rename Homeworld
600 Ore
200 Crystal
Staying Productive Your colony requires more resources if we hope to continue
expansion at this rate.
Upgrade Ore Mine to level 3
Upgrade Crystal Mine to level 3
500 Ore
200 Crystal
100 Hydrogen
A Helping Hand It never hurts to have an ally, and adding buddies is great wa
y to gain powerful friends that will back you up in a tight situation.
Invite 1 friend
Send 1 Buddy Request
700 Ore
200 Hydrogen
Loose Ends Neighboring colonies are developing at an alarming rate. You
cannot afford to get left behind.
Upgrade Capitol to level 2
Upgrade Hydrogen Synthesizer to level 3
400 Ore
200 Crystal
100 Hydrogen
Fleet Preparations With an upgraded Capitol, you are now able to build a Shipyard.
A Shipyard will enable you with the ability to produce ships to
establish your fleet.
Build a Shipyard 200 Ore
400 Crystal
200 Hydrogen
Technological Advancement If you are going to arm your fleet with powerful ships and defenses,
you need to start researching new technologies.
Build a Research Lab
Research Energy Tech
Research Jet Drive
400 Ore
400 Crystal
200 Hydrogen
Artificial Labor You can assign Workers to a Building to provide a bonus to its
production rate. While Human friends offer the best bonuses as
Workers, Droids can also be created and used as substitutes.
Build a Factory
Build a Mine Droid
Assign a Mine Droid to a Building
600 Ore
400 Crystal
100 Hydrogen
Homefront Fortifications As you continue to stockpile more resources, it becomes increasingly
more important that you protect your investments by building defenses.
Upgrade Shipyard to level 2
Build a Missile Battery
Accumulate 4,000 Ore
1000 Ore
300 Crystal
Ramping Up You need to upgrade your mines and synthesizers to sustainable
Upgrade Solar Array to level 8
Upgrade Ore Mine to level 5
Upgrade Crystal Mine to level 5
Upgrade Hydrogen Synthesizer to level 5
1,200 Ore
400 Crystal
Multitasking Upgrading A.I. Tech will not only unlock the ability to produce
new and useful Droids, it will also add an additional fleet slot for each
level that you research.
Upgrade A.I. Tech to level 1
Upgrade Jet Drive to level 2
Build an Atlas Cargo Ship
1,000 Ore
200 Crystal
200 Hydrogen
Automated Assistance Increasing your Crew Points will help unlock new and useful Repeatable
Missions. Inviting Human friends to your crew is very beneficial,
but building a Crew Droid is another way of gaining a Crew Point.
Upgrade A.I. Tech to level 2
Upgrade Factory to level 2
Own 2 Crew Droids
500 Ore
600 Crystal
100 Hydrogen
Gaining Ground Unlocking new Missions creates more opportunities for you to
collect heftier payloads. Some missions require specific ships in
order to be performed.
Produce 1 Artemis Fighter
Run Raid an Ore Mine.
400 Ore
200 Crystal
1 Missile Battery
An Agile Fleet Furthering your research means unlocking more powerful ships
with enhanced capabilities.
Upgrade Shipyard to level 3
Upgrade Research Lab to level 3
Research Jet Drive to level 3
700 Crystal
500 Hydrogen
Supply and Demand Our need of resources exponentially grows as our operations
increasingly demand it. Increase your mining production immediately.
Upgrade Solar Array to level 11
Upgrade Ore Mine to level 10
Upgrade Crystal Mine to level 8
1 Artemis Fighter
Wealth and Trade Sometimes a more diplomatic approach is necessary to get the
resources you need. You may find barter and trade to be more fitting of
your style.
Upgrade Shipyard to level 4
Upgrade Energy Tech to level 3
Trade 6,000 resources.
2,000 Ore
1,000 Crystal
500 Hydrogen
Recover and Salvage When ships are destroyed in combat, debris fields made up of ore
and crystal are left behind floating in orbit. Dionysus Class Recyclers
are used to obtain the remaining resources from a debris field.
Upgrade Jet Drive to level 6
Upgrade Shield Tech to level 2
Build a Dionysus Recycler
2,000 Crystal
1,500 Hydrogen
A Watchful Eye It is important that you always stay one step ahead of potential
foes. The Hermes Class Probe is used to perform Espionage to reveal
valuable intel on other colonies.
Research Espionage Tech to level 2
Build a Hermes Probe
Perform Espionage on 1 planet
2,000 Ore
1,000 Crystal
1 Mine Droid
Battle Ready Attacking a neighboring colony can show your enemies that you mean
business. Just remember to scan a target with your Probes before
launching an attack so you know what to expect.
Possess 4 Artemis Fighters
Perform 1 successful attack
8,000 Ore
4,000 Crystal
2,000 Hydrogen
Guerrilla Tactics Only the strong and quick survive in this galaxy. That means keeping
a watchful eye over your foes and scraping up any floating resources
from debris fields.
Perform 10 Espionage Missions
Recycle 60,000 total resources
5,000 Ore
2,000 Crystal
Atlas Cargo
Dogfighter Let's upgrade your offensive capabilities with a more versatile fighter.
Check the Tech page for information on how to unlock the
Apollo Class Fighter.
Build an Apollo Fighter
Perform 4 successful attacks
4,000 Hydrogen
1 Crew Droid
Reap What You Sow The Hercules Class Cargo ship has a much expanded capacity for
resource storage. Producing this ship is a good idea for salvaging
more plunder after successful attacks.
Build a Hercules Cargo ship
Plunder 25,000 resources in 1 attack
10,000 Ore
6,000 Crystal
3,000 Hydrogen
A New Frontier In order to truly flourish as an empire, you must expand your
operations to an additional colony. Use a Gaia Class Colony Ship to
establish a vacant planet into a new colony.
Build a Gaia Colony Ship
Colonize a new planet
2,000 Hydrogen
1 Build Droid
1 Charon Transport
Urcath Menace Urcath forces have positioned themselves strategically throughout
the universe. Seek and destroy any Abandoned Ships, Enemy Fleets,
and Floating Colonies in this galaxy to send them a message.
Espionage 15 urcath encounters.
Defeat 10 urcath encounters.
2,000 Crystal
1 Apollo Fighter
1 Lab Droid