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Wars are fought with technology, and technology is discovered through research. All research is done at your Research Lab, where you can improve your existing technologies and discover new ones. Technologies do different things, such as improve units or unlock new technologies and ships. Once learned, technology is shared amongst all your planets and is not lost by abandoning the planet it was researched on. For more information about research mechanics, see the Research Lab page.

Time to Research

When researching a new technology (level), the time required is calculated as follows:

Time(hours) =
Ore Cost + Crystal Cost
1000 * (Effective Research Lab Level + 1)

Effective Research Lab Level is either the level of the actual lab the tech is initiated at, or the level effectively derived by one's level of ARCNet.

Note: The Hydro used to research a tech level is not factored into the research time. Note: In Starfleet Extreme, the denominator is 2000 * (Effective Research Lab Level + 1).


Laser tech.png
Laser Tech: The science of light, Laser Tech is used for advanced engines and weaponry. Research will unlock new units and technologies.
Requires: Research lab.png 1 Energy tech.png 2
Armor tech.png
Armor Tech: Armor Technology makes your ships more durable. Each level researched adds 10% to your ships' and defenses' hull ratings.
Requires: Research lab.png 2
Weapons tech.png
Weapons Tech: Weapons Technology is the science of destruction. Each level increases the power of all of your weapons by 10%.
Requires: Research lab.png 4
Shield tech.png
Shield Tech: Shield Tech allows your ships to take more punishment in battle. Each level researched will increase the shields on your ships and defenses by 10%.
Requires: Research lab.png 6 Energy tech.png 3
Particle tech.png
Particle Tech: Particle Tech is the science of the atom. Research will unlock new forms of units and technology.
Requires: Research lab.png 4 Laser tech.png 5 Energy tech.png 4
Jet drive.png
Jet Drive: An ancient technology that continues to be improved today, the Jet Drive powers small engines, missiles, and various other explosives. Each level of research will increase the speed of units powered by Jet Drives by 10%.
Requires: Research lab.png 1 Energy tech.png 1
Ai tech.png
AI Tech: Advanced Artificial Intelligence technology is used by ships in battle. Each level researched will increase the maximum number of simultaneous fleets you can have by one.
Requires: Research lab.png 1
Energy tech.png
Energy Tech: Energy Technology is the science of power. It allows you to build more advanced structures, as well as increasing the output of your fusion generators.
Requires: Research lab.png 1
Espionage tech.png
Espionage Tech: Espionage Tech allows you to better see what your opponents have and what they're attacking you with. Higher levels give you more information.
Requires: Research lab.png 3
Pulse drive.png
Pulse Drive: The Pulse Drive uses nuclear explosions to generate large amounts of thrust. Each level of research increases the speed of units powered by Pulse Drives by 20%.
Requires: Research lab.png 2 Energy tech.png 1
Plasma tech.png
Plasma Tech: Plasma, often referred to as the fourth state of matter, is a partially ionized gas in which electrons roam free. Research into it will unlock powerful new units and defenses.
Requires: Research lab.png 4 Energy tech.png 8 Laser tech.png 10 Particle tech.png 5
Ftl tech.png
FTL Tech: FTL, or Faster-Than-Light, is the science of traveling faster than the speed of light. Research will allow you to unlock new and more powerful units and technologies.
Requires: Research lab.png 7 Energy tech.png 5 Shield tech.png 5
Expedition tech.png
Expedition Tech: Expedition Tech allows you to explore remote regions of space. Research will unlock new daily missions.
Requires: Research lab.png 3 Espionage tech.png 4
Warp drive.png
Warp Drive: The Warp Drive uses magnetism to reshape the space-time continuum, allowing your ships to move at faster-than-light speeds. Each level researched will increase the speed of ships powered by Warp Drives by 30%.
Requires: Research lab.png 7 Ftl tech.png 3
ARCNet: The Advanced Research Communication Network facilitates communication between your worlds' research labs. Each level increases the number of planets that can simultaneously develop and upgrade technologies, provided the planets' lab's levels are sufficient for the given technology.
Requires: Research lab.png 10 Ftl tech.png 7 Ai tech.png 8

Base Costs and Requirements

Tech Lab
Ore Crystal Hydrogen Tech
ARCNet 10 150,000 200,000 80,000 FTL
AI 1 0 400 600
Armor 2 1,000 0 0
Energy 1 0 800 400
Espionage 3 200 1,000 200
Expedition 3 4,000 8,000 1,000 Espionage 4
FTL 7 0 4,000 2,000 Energy
Jet Drive 1 400 0 600 Energy 1
Laser 1 200 100 0 Energy 2
Particle 4 1,000 300 100 Laser
Plasma 4 2,000 4,000 1000 Energy
Pulse Drive 2 2,000 4,000 600 Energy 1
Shield 6 200 600 0 Energy 3
Warp Drive 7 10,000 20,000 6,000 FTL 3
Weapons 4 800 200 0