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Workers are laborers that you assign to various places, such as your capitol, mines, or research labs.

They are either humans from your crew, which you get by successfully inviting friends; droids, which you build at the droid factory; or the Basic Android which can be purchased in the Store.

In Starfleet Commander Hired Guns, building workers requires possession of the Advanced Factory territory.

Each building is allowed one worker at level 1, a second worker at level 3, and then another 1 worker for every 3 levels. So for instance a level 3 Ore Mine can have 2 workers, a level 6 Ore Mine can have 3, and so on.

Humans are preferable to droids, as they are free (all it takes is an invite). However if you don't have any friends who will accept your invites, droids at least enable you to increase your production.

The Basic Android provides twice the bonus of other workers.

Human players only count as crew if they are new players to the universe. If they already play, you will not get crew points for them joining, nor will you receive workers. However, the accounts of each universe are separate.


Droid Cost Requirements Base Bonus
Mine Droid Ore: 3,000
Crystal: 1,000
Hydrogen: 0
Factory Lvl. 1 2%
Crew Driod Ore: 6,000
Crystal: 3,000
Hydrogen: 0
Factory Lvl. 2
AI Tech 2
1 Crew Point
Build Driod Ore: 4,000
Crystal: 0
Hydrogen: 4,000
Factory Lvl. 3
AI Tech 4
Particle Tech 3
Lab Driod Ore: 5,000
Crystal: 5,000
Hydrogen: 2,000
Factory Lvl. 4
AI Tech 6
Energy Tech 5


The Crew Droid and human worker each give you one crew point. A Basic Android is worth three. Crew points are required to run certain missions.