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The Store is a page in Starfleet Commander where players can spend credits to improve their Empire. Credits may be spent on the following things:



Commanders are special characters in the game who help advance your Empire. A full list can be found on the Commanders page.


Merchants are the fastest way to exchange resources in the game. For details, see the Merchant page.


Androids are human-like robots that can perform many tasks better than a normal droid. For details, see the Androids page.

Name Changes

Want to change your name with the Intergalactic Registration Bureau? You can.


Increases the number of Fields on your planet, for a heavy price. For details, see the Terraform page.

Planet Move

Move your planet to any unoccupied position in any solar system in any galaxy. The cost for a planet move is 250,000 credits. Once a planet is moved, it cannot attack an active player or harvest from debris fields for 24 hours. Additionally, you may not launch a colonize mission or deploy from the planet during the 24 hour cool down.

Neutrality Markers

Neutrality Markers protect your planets from attack for a specific period of time. They cannot be activated if you have any attacks our or returning or if you have any ships out from your Hephaestus. Additionally, while protected in neutrality mode, you cannot harvest any debris fields.

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