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Starfleet Commander Nova is an exciting new Universe with numerous changes to the traditional Starfleet Commander game mechanics and many new additions, including buildings, ships, and defense! This Universe will run at 1.5x speed.

Starfleet Commander Nova is available at

The following ships are available:

Icon regen solar satellite.png Icon stealth probe class.png Hermes class.png Solar satellite.png Artemis class.png Atlas class.png Apollo class.png Empusa.png Zagreus.png Charon class.png Hercules class.png Dionysus class.png Curetes.png Poseidon class.png Carmanor.png Pallas.png Gaia class.png Athena class.png Ares class.png Hades class.png Prometheus class.png Thanatos.png Zeus class.png Roaming planet.png


New Defense

Space-mine.png Space Mine
Space Mines provide an excellent deterrent to enemy raids when placed in large numbers. However, this comes with risk. During battle your own ships may detonate a space mine and take damage.

Battle Changes

Starfleet Commander Nova will have several changes to the battle mechanics aimed at improving the overall leader board and encouraging attacks on players of similar size. These changes include:

  • No destroyed ship points awarded for attacking non-player character (NPCs) or inactive players. We will not be awarding any destroyed ship points for attacking NPCs or inactive as we work to make the destroyed ship score a reflection of a player's achievements in hunting other active players.
  • Relative destroyed ship points will be awarded for all attacks. To discourage players from attacking players that are significantly smaller than them we have implemented a new scale for awarding destroyed ship points in a battle. Depending on how many more or less resources spent points the opposing player in the battle has will determine the value of the destroyed ship points you earn in the battle. Attacking a player of equal size will result in one destroyed ship point per 2,000 ship resources destroyed in battle. See this wiki entry for a full explanation of how the destroyed ship value of a battle is determined.
  • Proportional destroyed ship points in group attacks. In all group attacks we will award destroyed ship point proportionately between the attackers based on the resources spent value of the ships contributed to the attack. This will allow destroyed ship points to be a better representation of the ships actually destroyed by each player. See this wiki entry for a full explanation of how the destroyed ship value of a battle is determined.
  • Chance of fleet escape for smaller opponents. If a defender is more than 100 RSP ranks lower than the attacker and the RSP value of the attacking fleet is more than 5x the RSP value (3x if the Defender has an Admiral) of the defending fleet, then the defending fleet, except for Hermes Probes, Shadow Probes, Helios Satellites, Genesis Satellites, Zeus, and an undeployed Hephaestus, will escape from combat if hydrogen is available on the planet. If the player is group defended, no fleet escape will be possible. No fleet escapes are possible after the player has 100,000RSP.

Newbie Protection

Newbie Protection in Starfleet Commander Nova restricts some interactions between players of widely disparate levels of development, preventing the Defenses and unsaved Ships or Resources of newer empires from being destroyed or plundered by vastly more advanced ones. The rules for newbie protection (also available on the wiki) are as follows:

  • Players with fewer than 1,000 Resources Spent Points (RSP) cannot attack (except NPCs) or be attacked.
  • Players with over 1,000, but fewer than 250,000 RSP, may only attack or be attacked by other players who have between one-fifth and five times (20% to 500%) their current RSP, unless the other player has fewer than 1,000 RSP.
  • Players with more than 250,000 RSP may attack or be attacked by players with between one-tenth and ten times (10% to 1,000%) their current RSP, unless the other player has fewer than 250,000 RSP, in which case the 5x rule above applies.
  • Group Defense is also restricted by Newbie Protection. Players may Group Defend Buddies and Alliance mates (only) if they have between one-tenth and ten times (10% to 1,000%) the mate's RSP. It does not apply directly to the attacking and group defending fleets.

Non-Player Character Changes

In addition to the removal of destroyed ship points from non-player characters we have changed the spawning frequencies for all NPCs so that the larger NPCs will spawn more frequently. You can see the revised frequencies on the individual NPC race pages in the wiki.

Moon Related Changes

In addition to the Lunar Dock mentioned above, we will be making the following changes related to moons and structures on moons.

  • Reduced warp gate cool down per level. After the first level of warp gate the cool down for the warp gate will be reduced by 15% for each additional level. When two warp gates have different cool down times, the cool down for the gate ships are sent from will be applied to both gates. See this wiki entry for more details.
  • Destructible Moons. Shortly after launch we will finalize the ability to destroy moons with the power of your Zeus! As such, moons will now be assigned a size when they created that is directly correlated to the size of the debris field which forms it. This means that larger debris fields create larger moons which will be more difficult to destroy. We will publish more information about this addition in the coming weeks.

Mining Algorithm Changes

We have made changes to the mining algorithms in the game to increase end game competitiveness. You can view the new mining tables and formulas on each of the individual mine page in the wiki.

Other Changes

Starfleet Commander Nova will run at 1.5x speed. Additionally, Starfleet Commander Nova will have no diplomacy mode and no vacation mode. Players who need to step away from the game for an extended period of time are encouraged to send their ships on long fleet saves or to try a neutrality marker.

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