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A player who does not log in to the game for 7 days (and who has not switched into Vacation Mode) becomes inactive, labeled (i) on the Galaxy Screen. Unless they are protected by a Neutrality Marker, inactive players can be attacked by all, regardless of newbie protection or Diplomacy Mode. After 21 days, the label changes to (I) and after 30 days an inactive player risks deletion; although, again, an account in p-mode will not be deleted until the neutrality expires.

Raiding an inactive is considered to be relatively safe, as they have a decreased chance of coming online to Fleet save, Group Defend, etc. However:

Although older universes award DSP to attackers who destroy inactives’ ships in battle (and vice-versa; the inactive account accumulates DSP for ships attackers lose in the process), since Nova, battles with inactives no longer award DSP (to either side).

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