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Starfleet Commander Conquest introduces all new contestable territories, with the fastest speed of any permanent Universe (one-third the flight and build times of Starfleet Commander Original!), a unique mix of game mechanics, and the first appearance of the Erebus Class Fighter and Moros Class Battleship ships outside of the Starfleet Commander Tournament.

Starfleet Commander Conquest launched Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 18:00UTC.


Contestable Territories

In Starfleet Commander Conquest each Solar System contains three contestable territories that will float between planet spots within that system. Controlling these territories with one or more of your fleets results in advantageous bonuses. These bonuses include increasing your mine production, decreasing buildings times, and/or decreasing research times. But beware, you'll be fighting both other players and NPCs to maintain control!

Ships and Defenses

Starfleet Commander Conquest has a unique mix of ships and defenses setting it apart from all of the existing permanent Universes. When compared to Starfleet Commander Nova, the Apollo Fighter, Empusa Fighter, Pallas Bomber, and Space Mines have been removed. In their place you'll find the Erebus Fighter and Moros Battleship.

The following ships are available:

Icon regen solar satellite.png Icon stealth probe class.png Hermes class.png Solar satellite.png Artemis class.png Atlas class.png Erebus.png Zagreus.png Charon class.png Hercules class.png Dionysus class.png Curetes.png Poseidon class.png Carmanor.png Moros.png Gaia class.png Athena class.png Ares class.png Hades class.png Prometheus class.png Thanatos.png Zeus class.png Roaming planet.png

Battle Mechanics

Starfleet Commander Conquest has several changes to the battle mechanics that you would normally find in earlier Starfleet Commander Universes. These changes include:

No destroyed ship points awarded for attacking non-player characters (NPCs) or inactive players. We will not be awarding any destroyed ship points for attacking NPCs or inactive as we work to make the destroyed ship score a reflection of a player’s achievements in hunting other active players.

One destroyed ship point per 1,000 resources destroyed. We'll be using the DSP formula from Starfleet Commander Original, because it just works.

Proportional destroyed ship points in group attacks. In all group attacks we will award destroyed ship point proportionately between the attackers based on the resources spent value of the ships contributed to the attack.

Debris Fields. 50% of the ore and crystal used to build ships will now be placed into the debris fields. Additionally, 20% of the ore and crystal used to build defenses destroyed in battle will be placed into the debris fields.

Destructible Moons. As in Starfleet Commander Nova, moons may be destroyed by attacking them with Zeus.

Newbie Protection

Newbie Protection in Starfleet Commander Conquest will be the same as Starfleet Commander Nova. The rules for newbie protection are as follows:

  • Players with fewer than 1,000 Resources Spent Points (RSP) cannot attack (except NPCs) or be attacked.
  • Players with over 1,000, but fewer than 250,000 RSP, may only attack or be attacked by other players who have between one-fifth and five times (20% to 500%) their current RSP, unless the other player has fewer than 1,000 RSP.
  • Players with more than 250,000 RSP may attack or be attacked by players with between one-tenth and ten times (10% to 1,000%) their current RSP, unless the other player has fewer than 250,000 RSP, in which case the 5x rule above applies.
  • Group Defense is also restricted by Newbie Protection. Players may Group Defend Buddies and Alliance mates (only) if they have between one-tenth and ten times (10% to 1,000%) the mate’s RSP. It does not apply directly to the attacking and group defending fleets.

Non-battle Mechanics Changes

Systems and Galaxies. Starfleet Commander Conquest has 20 planets per system and only 5 galaxies.

Mining algorithm. Originally, the Starfleet Commander Nova mining formula was used, modified to the faster speed of this Universe.

Building and Attack Speeds. As indicated, building and attack speeds will be approximately one-third of the time of Starfleet Commander Original.

Other Mechanics

Starfleet Commander Conquest has no diplomacy mode and no vacation mode. Players who need to step away from the game for an extended period of time are encouraged to send their ships on long fleet saves or to try a neutrality marker, which can be canceled at any time.

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