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Athena Class Battleship
Production information
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Hydrogen Cost


Technical specifications
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Engine unit(s)

Warp Drive







Lacking a hydrogen requirement, the Athena Class is one of the most cheapest heavy ships in the game. It comprises the backbone of many large fleets. With its 1000-res cargo capacity, in large numbers it can sometimes obviate the need for any cargo ships.


It lacks rapid fire abilities against combat ships. While the Athena Class nominally hits 2x as hard as a Hades Class, this lack of RF make it notably inferior in many situations. In addition, it makes some situations better handled by other ships -- If the opposition has a giant fleet of Artemis Class ships, Poseidon Class would be a better choice. Against a defender with lots of Missile batteries and Laser Cannons, the Ares Class would be preferred. So while the Athena Class hits hard in combat, its limited rapid fire reduces its utility substantially. It also has a very high fuel consumption rating, making it very expensive in hydro to operate, somewhat counterbalancing its cheap "up front" cost in hydro.


While faster than the Ares Class, its hull and shield rating is lower, though both weapons ratings for the ships are equal. It may have to take a ratio of 2:1 of Athena to Ares to take out an Ares, though this is offset between players based on their Tech Levels.



Hull Rating: 6,000
Shield Rating: 200
Weapons Rating: 1,000
Cargo Capacity: 1,500
Base Speed: 10,000
Hydrogen Consumption: 500
Engine Type: Warp Drive


Ore: 45,000
Crystal: 15,000
Hydrogen: 0


Shipyard Level 7
Warp Drive Level 4

Rapid Fire

On Others
Moros Class x 3
Charon Class x 5
Hermes Class x 5
Solar Satellite x 5

Against Athena
Thanatos Class x 6
Hades Class x 7
Zeus Class x 30

Easter Eggs

The word NOSTROMOS on the side of the Athena Class may be a reference to the commercial towing craft "Nostromo" in Ridley Scott's Alien.

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