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Alliance Name: United federation of planets
Alliance Tag: Starflee
Genre: Star Trek

Not to be confused with United Federation of Planets(UFP). True. Do not confuse us with any other alliance.

We are a group of laid back individuals that like to smash fleets.

We live by one rule: No fleet save = no fleet.

We have an open enrollment policy so come one, come all. We are a top 20 alliance in many categories including Destroyed Ships points. We believe in teamwork to help us achieve our success. Join and enjoy success with our group.



We have listed a few benefits (out of the many) you can expect to gain by joining Starflee today.
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  • Alliance tag identifies you as belonging to Starflee to all other players
  • Tips, tricks, and advice for the newbie and seasoned player.
  • Private message board to co-ordinate with other Starflee members.
  • People that WILL try to help you if things go bad.
  • Group Defends and Group Attacks.

Combat Rules

Attack anyone that does not fleetsave. Follow the rules set forth by BFG. Keep it civil and keep it fun.

Alliance Relations

The following list details our current NAP's (non-aggression pact) and any wars in progress.
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We currently have two alliances, with the Tribble Nation and Lunartic Death Slayer Muppets. The Lunartics are made up of former members of Starflee who decided to create their own alliance. Any other alliance seeking a NAP with Starflee should message the leader directly before initiating a NAP. All requests for NAPs without a message first will result in automatic denial.


No official wars but...

Happy Hunting! All are food!

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