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Alliance Name: Uranium Hexafluoride (Extreme)
Alliance Tag: UF6
Genre: Ultra Science

Uranium Hexafluoride (Extreme), sister alliance to Uranium Hexafluoride (Original) is one of the most respected alliances in the Starfleet Commander universe. UF6, as the alliance is known for short, does not engage in wars or sign non-aggression pacts, but instead lives by the rule of profit. If an attack is profitable in terms of resources won, it is a justified attack.

In accordance with this rule, players of UF6 are known for their dedication to fleet and resource saving, their teamwork and their ability to ferret out and attack targets with resource stockpiles. While UF6 is not easily provoked into war, anyone who attacks a UF6 member out of spite as opposed to for profit can expect to be met with the unified front of a group of players who support each other and work together flawlessly for common defense. They are well-known in Extreme for our prowess at perfectly timed ninjas.

UF6 (Extreme) is open to players of all play styles and levels of experience; they are linked to UF6-Original, but welcome players who belong to other alliances in Original. They are a group of mature, rational players, and expect mature, civil gameplay. They are aggressive, and the rule of profit means they attack anything profitable, but they don't engage in vengeance attacks or missile strikes for non-profit. They do tend to hunt in packs, though, and are very active and mobile in moving to back up and defend other members. As such, UF6 membership attracts aggressive, team-oriented players who welcome the no-NAP environment and opportunity for ninjas and group hunting. We are currently recruiting players and welcome both veteran and inexperienced players. Inexperienced players will be assigned to our probationary program for learning how to play effectively.


Long Term Goals

To be a top ten alliance in the overall and destroyed ships category, both for total points and alliance average.


We have been active since day 1 of Extreme and responsible for many legendary hits in the SFCX universe.


UF6X is led by Admiral White Haven, and currently active officers are Alpha Seeker, Darkset, Walger, Bravicus and Elvis Perlsly begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


We believe in gunboat diplomacy. NAP requests are met with hysterical peals of laughter, followed by multiple attack waves.

Further Reading

Go to search bar (to your left) and type in 'Doom Beaver'.

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