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Alliance Name: Uranium Hexafluoride
Alliance Tag: UF6
Genre: Ultra Science

Uranium Hexafluoride, ranked #21 in overall alliance and #26 in alliance average as of January 2, 2010, is one of the most respected alliances in the Starfleet Commander universe. UF6, as the alliance is known for short, does not engage in wars or sign non-aggression pacts, but instead lives by the rule of profit. If an attack is profitable in terms of resources won, it is a justified attack.

In accordance with this rule, players of UF6 are known for their dedication to fleet and resource saving, their teamwork and their ability to ferret out and attack targets with resource stockpiles. While UF6 is not easily provoked into war, anyone who attacks a UF6 member out of spite as opposed to for profit can expect to be met with the unified front of a group of players who support each other and work together flawlessly for common defense.

UF6 recruits players of all ranks and playing styles, from all galaxies. UF6 currently has players ranging from G1 to G39 and is expanding. Their members tend to be mature, rational players, which when combined with the vast wealth of experience of the senior members of UF6 and the willingness of said members to share the lessons of that experience with players who are still learning, results in a tight-knit group who are focused on moving up the leaderboards and achieving long-term success.


Long Term Goals

To nom other fleets.


Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.


UF6 is actually a hive mind controlled by Baron Von Plasma Turret.


Our Pokédex doesn't list that Pokémon.

Further Reading

For more information please visit this link and read more throughly.

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