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Territories are available in Hired Guns and in Conquest. They function quite differently.


Contestable Territories in Starfleet Commander Conquest

In Starfleet Commander Conquest each Solar System contains three contestable territories that will float between planet spots within that system. Controlling these territories with one or more of your fleets results in advantageous bonuses. These bonuses include increasing your mine production, decreasing buildings times, and/or decreasing research times. But beware, you'll be fighting both other players and NPCs to maintain control!

In Conquest, fleets of NPCs regularly attack territories,

Contestable Territories in Starfleet Commander Hired Guns

In Hired Guns, there are six different territory types. None of them will get attacked by NPC fleets like in Conquest, but you will have to defend your territories against other players.

Territory types

Territory mechanics

There are a couple of things to know about territories that are quite different/strange from other non-territory SFC universes. Here are some listed, in no particular order.

Territory generation and lifetime

Territories spawn a couple minutes after the hour, and they have a predetermined timespan just like NPCs. They will however last a lot longer, some a bit more than a week. The lifespan is indicated when you perform an espionage mission on the territory. Here is an example:

"territory Alien Experiment ‎[1:1:1t] has:

Territory Expires at 11:01 AM May 19, 2015 UTC"

Territory generation and lifetime

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