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Alliance Name: Starfleet Section 31
Alliance Tag: SS31
Starfleet Section 31
Leader Lord Apophis
Vice Admiral Peter C. Hans, Public Relations
Captain Titan Vo, Logistics
SS31 Council Robert Crow
SS31 Council Elfshoes
Lieutenant Scott Holley, Public Relations
Members 24

Starfleet Section 31 (SS31) is an alliance founded and led by Robert Crow. Born from the tragedy that destroyed The Krenium Imperium (TKI), Robert gathered what survivors he could and began to rebuild into what would become a top 200 Alliance. We now have a branch in Universe 2 headed by Peter C. Hans (under name Peter)


About Us

Official Creed and Motto


"We the members of 'Starfleet Section 31' will protect the alliance at all cost. We share one common belief that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, we all will be strong and we all will give our best to support our fellow members in order to make this alliance elite. According to Article 14, Section 31 of the Starfleet Charter, we will protect and serve, but if called upon or threatened, we will respond with the full might and power of our alliance.

Motto: "Protect and serve, if necessary, kill and destroy."

General Order: "Protect the alliance at all cost. It is our creed and it supports our motto."

Mission Statement

We are working hard to build an organization that will be a strong and formidable player in the universe. Our goal is to create a support structure that can respond to the needs of our members. Whether that requires defending an allied world, coordinating attacks against an overly aggressive enemy, or sending emergency resources to assist in a member's rebuilding efforts. By banding together, we can help each other become stronger players and increase our alliance's strategically influence across the universe.

Leader Board

Alliance Rank

Overall: #134
Resources Spent: #151
Fleet: #134
Research: #186
Defense: #172
Crew: #216
Destroyed Ships: #86

Alliance Average Rank

Overall: #135
Resource Spent: #173
Fleet: #140
Research: #503
Defense: #314
Crew: #644
Destroyed Ships: #98

"Current Rank on 22/9/10"

Join Us

Recruitment Synopsis

We are looking for active players that play this game on a daily basis or attempt to do so. They must also be willing to show their commitment to other alliance members by defending, attacking, or providing resources when called upon, if at all possible. These are very basic requirements to be a part of any alliance.

Membership Application Process

Please include in your application

  • 1.) How you learned of us?
  • 2.) What are your expectations from joining Section 31?
  • 3.) How long have you been playing Starfleet Commander?
  • 4.) How often do you play?
  • 5.) Are you currently or ever been a member of another alliance? If yes, what alliance?
  • 6.) Do you agree to defend the alliance at all cost and to follow the instructions of the SS31 officers if directed to attack, defend, supply, or colonize another planet?

NOTE: All Applications are processed by the Chief Public Relations Officer, and will not be approved unless you answer all of these questions.

How To Find Us

If you play using the stand-alone site, you can find us at:

If you are playing on facebook, you can try using:

If for some reason neither of those options work, you can do a search for "Starfleet Section 31" in game, or look for us on the leaderboards somewhere in that top 200 overall.

Code of Conduct

Blue Frog Gaming Regulations

Attacking Guidelines
  • Attacking - An Attack is one player's fleet is sent to an opposing player's planet, usually for purposes of taking resources.
  • Bashing - Attacks can be carried out at any time; a player may only attack another planet 6 times in one day. Attacking more than that is considered bashing and can result in punishment, up to and including being banned from Starfleet Commander. Players may attack other players more than 6 times per day as long as no one planet is attacked more than that.
Trading Guidelines
  • When trading resources you must use the following ratios:
    • Ore to Hydrogen ====== 3:1 (max) or 2:1 (min)
    • Ore to Crystal ======== 2:1 (max) or 1.5:1 (min)
    • Crystal to Hydrogen ==== 2:1 (max) or 1:1 (min)
  • Pushing - You cannot send resources to a player ranked higher than you. Trading is allowed. However, the trade must follow standard ratios. It must be completed by both parties within 24 hours.
  • Pulling - Sending resources to a lower ranked player, is allowed. Thus in a trade, the higher ranked player may give more resources for a trade than allowed by the trade ratio. Example: A higher ranked player may give the lower ranked player 4 ore for 1 hydrogen. (compared to the rule 3 for 1max)
General Conduct
  • Botting - Players may not use any sort of automated script or program to run missions or perform any other in-game actions.
  • Multiple Accounts - Players are only allowed one account per Universe.
  • One Player Per Account - Each account may be accessed by only one player
  • Spamming - You may not advertise any product or service. Posting or messaging other members with solicitations or topics strictly prohibited by Blue Frog Gaming and Facebook will be grounds to kick you out of our alliance.
  • Extortion - It is illegal to request or send payment of any sort for withholding or cancelling attacks.
  • Verbal Abuse - Conversation must be civil. Verbal abuse in messaging, even private messages will not be tolerated. Posting or messaging any Starfleet Commander player with racist, sexist, threatening or offensive content or comments will get you kicked out of our alliance and reported to Blue Frog Gaming and Facebook administrators.

Alliance Policies

Starfleet Section 31's Public Image

Avoid any type of behavior that could possibly show the SS31 alliance negatively. As a 'Starfleet Section 31' member, you must act and be the elite player.

Inactive (i/I) Members

Any member that becomes inactive (i), due to not logging into the game for over 7 days, will be immediately removed from SS31 without warning. Players in diplomacy (D) mode can still become inactive after 7 days. Exceptions might be made if a member contacts an officer with a legitimate excuse, prior to becoming inactive.

Vacation Mode

If you know that you will be away from the game for a period longer than 7 days, it is recommended that you freeze your account and go into "Vacation Mode (v)". This is the only way to prevent from becoming attack-able during long periods of inactivity. You will not be removed from SS31 or penalized for temporally suspending your own account, in order to prevent you from becoming inactive. For More Information:

Espionage and Security

  • Never share another SS31 alliance member’s planet location with anyone other than another SS31 member.
  • Never divulge SS31 alliance information with anyone other than another SS31 member, that includes our NAP and WAR list.
  • Never attack or probe another "Starfleet Section 31" member for any reason.
  • Never attack or probe another player that is protected under a "Non-Aggression Pact (NAP)". See Galaxy Screen color codes:


Any member that is found to have broken the rules governing Espionage and Security WILL be terminated from SS31 and classified as a traitor. Traitors will be declared an enemy of the SS31."

Player Aggression Polices

Non-Aggression Policies

Please review the "Espionage and Security" section of the Code of Conduct for rules regarding non-aggression against allied players. Also, we recommend not antagonizing players that are aligned with larger alliances.

Aggression Polices

All players not mentioned in the "Non-Aggression Polices" are fair game and available for attack. Players that are inactive (i/I) are great targets for resources with a very low risk of being attacked in return. As long as the inactive player is not a member of 'Starfleet Section 31', they are an open target. This includes players that may fall under a NAP agreement. The moment that the NAP player becomes active again, they are immediately reinstated under the alliance's Non-Aggression Pact and the "Espionage & Security" polices are reapplied.

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