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Welcome to the Prometheus Alliance! We provide support, a safe trading environment, training, and advice to our members. We believe in avoiding war if possible, fighting hard when we need to and having fun!

We are a young, quickly growing alliance led by Captain Zorinsmom. We have a strong presence from galaxy 19 to 78, but we reach as far as galaxy 95. We have a colonization plan and are growing quickly. all applicants are welcome whether you are an independent, a small alliance looking for a larger organization to be a part of or a member of another alliance that is not a good fit for you. Look for our tag, The Pro.

Rules & Regulations

Behaviour and Conduct

1. There is to be no swearing or discriminating comments made to other members or even players from outside of the alliance. We may have young children playing the game.

2. If any problems arise in regards to behavior bring it to the attention of Captain Zorinsmom or any other officer and we will deal with it.

3. Probing of fellow members is prohibited without getting prior consent to do so. If a member is probed by a member without your consent, bring it to the attention of Captain Zorinsmom or any other officer and we will deal with it. The only exception to this rule is if a person is inactive. Send the inactive player a message stating that you will send resources to get them back on their feet if they decide to come back to the game. It is better for allies to get the resources and points than our enemies.

4. Members are not allowed to issue directives to other members, unless otherwise cleared by Captain Zorinsmom or the officers to do so.

Rules of Engagement

1. Members are free to attack inactive and un-aligned players. This includes inactive members in our alliance and those with whom we have a NAP.

2. Members are not permitted to be aggressive to players that are currently in an alliance with which we have a NAP(this can be checked on the Alliance: Relations page). By aggression, I mean being the aggressor first (ie. probing or launching an attack). You may attack people who are in an alliance with which we do not have a NAP with, BUT, you are responsible for what you start. It is ok to attack someone who does not F/R save to teach them a lesson, but caution should be used so that you do not start a war. If the person comes back or PMs you…call off the attack. If you start something you better be ready to finish it when they bring their friends. If a situation may get out of control, notify your sector commander immediately. If you start a war and then go into d-mode without permission from your sector commander, you will be dropped from the alliance and put on the black list.

3. While Alliance backing and group defense will only be given to members who are under an un-provoked attack, members are expected to exhibit proper fleet and resource saving to make sure they do not look like a target :). The alliance is not going to go to war because somebody doesn't fleet/ resource save. Remember, No Fleet/ Resource Save = No Fleet!

4. If you come under attack, post or notify a Planning officer and we will investigate the matter; if it happens that you were the aggressor then you will not get the backing of the alliance. We will not tolerate members being aggressive and hiding behind the alliance as a shield, as this can cause massive repercussions. If an attack is found to be un-provoked by a Planning Officer, a member will be given seven days to get retribution on their own or with their local alliance members. If they get attacked once, they can attack one member of the same alliance once - either the person who attacked them or a lower ranked player. Notification must be sent that states this attack is in retaliation for the previous un-provoked attack .

5. Group attacks have to be approved by an Officer first.


Captain Zorinsmom- Leader


Zerk Graysign


DT The Punisher

Peter Janiszewski



Captain H. Harrington

Cmdr G Luke George

Glen Berg

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