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Welcome to our alliance!

Pierce's Space Marines were formed in tribute to a fallen comrade from the Real Earth. We fight on in his name, striving to bring order and honor to a cutthroat universe. We are open to new members who are eager to expand, willing to obey our guidelines, and able to lend a hand to struggling neighbors.

We occasionally sing battle songs, as well.





  • Commandant: Leader
  • Assistant Commandant: Co-Leader


  • Fleet Commander: In command of all military forces and diplomacy in their assigned galaxies.


  • Director of Foreign Relations - Ambassador For Peace
  • Assistant Director of Foreign Relations - Ambassadors to individual alliances
  • Director of Intelligence - Responsible for internal and external intelligence
  • Director of Internal Security – Responsible for … CENSORED … TOP SECRET …
  • Director of Recruiting - Responsible for recruiting
  • Director of Warfare Development - Responsible for the development and safety of new recruits
  • Assistant Director of Warfare Development - Responsible for the development and safely of new recruits
  • Chief Information Officer - Responsible for the alliance's Wiki page

-All Fleet Commanders must hold the rank of General and are appointed by the Commandant and approved by the Assistant Commandant.

-Directors are required to hold the rank of General and are appointed by the Commandant and approved by the Assistant Commandant.

-Assistants (except for Assistant Commandant) maybe be held by any member, regardless of rank, and are appointed by the respective department head.

-Chiefs maybe fulled by any member, regardless of rank.

-An individual person can hold more than one position.


Lunar base.png
  • -Commandant – Spencer Sanders
  • -Assistant Commandant – Hark PSM

  • Galaxy 18 - Sunflower
  • Galaxy 21 -
  • Galaxy 25 - Jeffrey Koenen

  • -Director of Foreign Relations – Commander T'Pow (Ambassador For Peace)
  • -Director of Intelligence – Jeffrey Koenen
  • -Director of Internal Security – Bullitt
  • -Director of Recruiting
  • -Director of Warfare Development
  • -Chief Information Officer – Hark PSM

Our NAP list

Alliance Name (Alliance Tag)

  • -Summerlund (Kai)
  • -New Liberty (Liberty)
  • -Disciples Of Muad'Did (Based On)
  • -Killer Chihuahuas of Anarchy (KFCs o A)
  • -The Empire of Light (Light)
  • -Spacing Guild (Spice)
  • -Legion of Outcasts (LOUTs)

Do Not Attack List

We at PSM have a do not attack list. That list contains single player who helped PSM Members. We keep that list short. A Player on that list is safe of any attacks of PSM. That counts for ALL PSM members. However that counts not for there Alliance Members.

  • - Ken Baker
  • - carole laker fan
  • - Stasia
  • - Grummm
  • - Lucky Jack


  • Before you engage in any battle, you must run the numbers though 'battlecalc.com'
  • A honorable person doesn't kick someone who is down. Therefore, we will not attack any player that is in (!) mode. Unless, they are on the 'PSM hit list' or PSM is currently at war with their alliance.
  • Generals and Colonels - may attack who they want when they want with out clearance.
  • Majors - may attack who they want when they want with out clearance.
  • Captains - are limited to any alliances that have less than 200 members.
  • Lieutenants – are limited to any alliances that are smaller than PSM
  • Midshipmen – are limited to inactives only. Treat them as actives and practice your skills.
  • With a Generals approval, Midshipmen and up may attack larger alliances. This will generally be for training proposes and group attacks.
  • You may counter-strike any player who attacks you regardless of their alliance. Just inform, via a PM, the Commandant, Assistant Commandant, and the Director of Foreign Relations.
  • You may attack any inactive player, including our own, with out permission. If you do attack an inactive PSM, you are asked to return the resources if that player returns.
  • Once you attack someone, leave them alone for a couple days. Let them lick their wounds. Maybe even explain why you attacked. “Sorry, but you forgot to fleet save.” We had a few people join our alliance after they were attacked by us.
  • If you find a good fresh inactive target that you couldn't attack for some reason, see if another PSM can help you. If no PSM are available, ask a NAP for a group attack. It will give you the ability to strike it, plus build stronger allies. The inactive target will be raided quickly anyway, let a friendly fleet reap the rewards.
  • Show civility, even to our enemies.

Please use your heads when attacking active players. We don't need to, and sometimes can't, come rushing to your aid because you attacked someone you didn't do your homework on. Look around the area. Do they have a lot of alliance members around, do you have a lot of alliance members around. Is it a sure victory or are you just hoping for the best. They may turn on lower ranked PSM to revenge their lose.

When asking for permission, you must provide the General you are asking the following information:

1. Your location and their location.

2. Their alliance name and size.

3. Why you want to attack them.

4. Any other pertinent info like members around you and them.

Tips and Tricks

Best tips: read up on

Songs of Battle

Hades class.png
True warriors sing.
True warriors sing to excite the blood before battle.
True warriors sing to remember the fallen.
True warriors sing because chicks dig it.

True warriors will already know the tune to this song:

"How much is that Hades in the shipyard?
The one with the round fiery hull.
How much is that Hades in the shipyard?
It looks like a doughnut from hell!"

PSM goes real

We at PSM have an free Facebook group. Look at Facebook (search tray) under "Pierce Space Marines". It´s a free desition for every PSM member to be a part of it. The content behind the Facebook group can only be viewed by members.

We have an Real Life (r/l) Thread in our alliance board. Every member use it to give our alliance a personal face.


Contest give game a small kick. We do some contests i.e. races or destroyed ship point contest. You can be the best and maybe you win our contest. Sometimes we have prices for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd one :)


As the late great Teddy Roosevelt used to say "Speak softly, carry a BIG stick, and FLEET SAVE people!!!!"

  • From the Halls of Montezuma
  • To the Shores of Tripoli;
  • We will fight our country's battles
  • In the air, on land and sea;
  • First to fight for right and freedom
  • And to keep our honor clean;
  • We are proud to claim the title
  • of United States Marine.

  • Our flag's unfurled to every breeze
  • From dawn to setting sun;
  • We have fought in ev'ry clime and place
  • Where we could take a gun;
  • In the snow of far-off Northern lands
  • And in sunny tropic scenes;
  • You will find us always on the job--
  • The United States Marines.

  • Here's health to you and to our Corps
  • Which we are proud to serve
  • In many a strife we've fought for life
  • And never lost our nerve;
  • If the Army and the Navy
  • Ever look on Heaven's scenes;
  • They will find the streets are guarded
  • By United States Marines.

Edited By:

--Tribbel (11 of January 2011)

--Nohj Spikeson

--Hark PSM

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