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We are an alliance that values the playstyle of each individual member. We seek to learn and to teach the game to each other, and in the process, to have fun!

If you want to reach us, or see some of us "in-action", you'll find us in the Extreme Universe: Galaxy 1, System 469 and surrounding systems



Our Values

Recon territory.png

It may sound odd that we would examine our values as part of playing a game; however, we are dealing with real people, and the game is as much about how we socialize as it is anything else.

The Values we will cling to are: Honor, Respect, and Loyalty.

Honor -- honor yourself. Be true to your convictions; don’t beat yourself up. -- honor your team. Be true to your team; support each other.

Respect -- always show respect. Avoid trash talk; respect for everyone. -- respect despite temptation. Even the enemy. Even if you are disrespected.

Loyalty -- always loyal to each other; even if we leave this alliance. -- do not betray our secrets

Our Basic Overall Strategies

Basic overall strategy covers what we do day-to-day. Combined with our values, this becomes a framework on which we can build more specific strategies.

The Basic Strategies we will employ are: Avoidance and Cooperation

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Avoidance -- Fleet / Resource Saving. Keep your fleet away from your exposed planets; if you leave them on a planet, be prepared for enemies who will attack you in order to collect your debris. -- resource save. Keep your resources away from your exposed planets; if you have a secret base, transfer and gather your resources there instead. -- conflict save. Avoid getting entangled with enemies who are more powerful than you. This includes provoking other players (who may call on their friends for help); as well as avoiding getting yourself provoked (know your limits).

I dislike taking revenge; we’ll do it to exert and enforce others to respect us, but we should avoid doing it to disrespect others.

Cooperation -- grow together. Stay within 5x of the build points of those in your team. You’ll be able to defend each other, and you’ll be able to share attacks together. -- live together. Gather your colonies to be near each other. Seek each other for secret-stash bases, as well as for military-staging bases.

Roles and Responsibilities

I’m not a big fan of hierarchy and chains of command; this is, after all, just a game – played for entertainment’s sake. The last thing anyone needs in life is to be “responsible” for someone else’s entertainment. However, the alliance exists because we want to share our entertainment together. So, rather than use a hierarchy, we will have “cell groups” or “squadrons” – people working and having fun together.

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There is one unique role – the Alliance Leader (me). This guy is in charge of setting up Non Aggression Pacts (NAP), interviewing and approving membership applications, facilitating alliance and officer discussions, and providing general vision and direction for the alliance. In short, a glorified administrator.

Officers / Squad Captains – (see team lists in-game). These people are the main sources of ideas and activities for the alliance. They will be directly involved with the players who are in their team. And by collaborating with the other captains, they will be indirectly involved with players outside their team.

Squad Members – (see team lists in-game). The military has long recognized that soldiers who work together in a squad have a higher survival rate than sending out soldiers alone.

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