How to Use a NAP to Help You

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How to Use a NAP to Help You

What is the value of a NAP? Pierce's Space Marines does not take NAPs lightly, and tries to limit the number that we enter into. Those Alliances who we’ve chosen to NAP should be considered trustworthy allies. Add their members to your Buddy List. Communicate with them on a regular basis. Contact them if you’re looking for a resource trade and haven’t had success posting your trade needs in the Pierce's Space Marines forums. Contact them for assistance if you find a target that you really need help in taking out, and hope that they contact you for the same assistance. And in the bigger picture, know that these same allies might, at some point, be called upon to assist us in a major war effort, or we might be called upon to assist them in one of their major war efforts. Knowing our allies makes us both safer and stronger.

If you have NAP players near you, take the time to send them a PM and potentially a buddy request. It's always good to have a few allies nearby for intel, for sharing a new inactive, or with resource trades. Because they are probably close to your planets these are usually the first people to stand with you if you are threatened too.

Just a reminder to all our members who prefer to play the game in Diplomacy Mode. Alliance Allies can be every bit as useful to you as they are to those who choose to get involved in the more confrontational aspects of the game. They represent your second tier of potential resource trading partners if and when you are unable to find someone in Pierce's Space Marines to trade with. Plus they can lead you to debris fields to harvest. Take the opportunity to strike up a dialogue with them, get them on your Buddy List, and work those trades.

What are the consequences of attacking a member of a NAPed Alliance ? At the absolute minimum you will be expected to pay back the entire value of the ships and planetary defenses destroyed, plus the resources plundered from the plant. Add to that much obligatory groveling at the attacked player’s feet asking for forgiveness. At the upper end of the consequence scale is dismissal from Pierce's Space Marines. Allies make PSM stronger, and while this doesn’t come into play on a daily basis, it has already on several occasions, and will at some point again, during major war operations. Anyone that knowingly, or even accidentally, attacks a NAPed alliance member, puts those inter-alliance relationships at risk, and thus puts their fellow Pierce's Space Marines members at risk.

So, in conclusion….

1) Members of NAPed Alliances are good guys.

2) Get out there, Buddy them, Communicate with them, make them your friends.

3) Do not attack them.

4) Trade with them and invite them into your group attacks.

5) Have fun.


1) If you find a good target that you cannot pillage within 4 hours there is a good chance someone else will already take it. Put it on the "Good Targets" post, but if no one is available to take advantage of it look round for a player who we have a NAP with and suggest it to them. In this way we can hope they will do the same for us. Send a message with it suggesting maybe they could return the favour one day.

2) If you need a group defend and we are not available, look around for someone online in one of our NAPs and ask them, but remember to state the alliance of who is attacking you as not all our NAPs are friends with each other. Be ready to do the same in return for them, even if it means you lose a few ships.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask our NAP friends for trades or advice. The more we comunicat with them the stronger our NAPs will be.

4) If asked for assistance by another player, try to give it even if it is inconvenient. Get involved in their problems and they will be more willing to get involved in ours. But don’t attack one of our NAPs to help another. You may need to consider whether you need to talk to an officer before engaging in military help. And if an alliance needs help with a war this has to be approved by the Commandant.

5) NAPs can be a great source of intelligence, if we give them information they will be willing to give us some. But again don’t give information about one of our NAPs to another as this may cause problems. For example, locations of an enemy alliance.

6) If you see a low ranking player from another alliance on his own offer them assistance. We often ask other alliances to look after isolated members of Pierce's Space Marines.

Im always looking for more naps so be friendly even when attacking. ive made many friends by loosing graciously , congratulating them on a good victory or after receiving a rude message, saying i could not resist that amount of resources’ but i will try to avoid you in future. Never be rude or threatening even if provoked.

One of our roles in the foreign relations department is assisting The Commandant and The Assistant Commandant in dealing with probes and attacks diplomatically before military action is used. A probe dose not necessarily mean you will be attacked.

  • A message from the Director of Foreign Relations – Snowey
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