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Sgt Patriot
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User profile
User Name: Sgt Patriot
In-game Name: Uni-1 Sgt Patriot
Uni-2 Sgt Patriot

SgtPatriot pIqaD.png

Gender: Male
Species: Klingon
Personal Quote: bogh tlhInganpu',
SuvwI'pu' moj, Hegh.
Klingon's are born,
live as warriors,
then die.
Game stats
Rank: Uni-1 Vice Admiral
Uni-2 Senior Commodore
Overall: Uni-1 248
Uni-2 122
Building: Uni-1 208
Uni-2 97
Fleet: Uni-1 186
Uni-2 107
Defense: Uni-1 282
Uni-2 111
Research: Uni-1 378
Uni-2 102
Crew: Uni-1 901
Uni-2 109
Destroyed Ships: Uni-1 341
Uni-2 166
Alliance membership
Alliance Name: Uni 1 SVK

Uni 2 BlackSun

Position: Uni-1 First Officer
Uni-2 Officer
Last updated: 2016-1-21

Code Of Honor

I will not attack active players that have not developed enough to build a Dionysus Recycler.

  • Shipyard (level 4)
  • Jet Drive (level 6)
  • Shield Tech (level 2)

If you have these and don't have a Recycler Shame on you, you are fair game.

This code of Honor doesn't apply to in-actives of course they are Fair Game.

If you have a Dionysus Recycler.
Remember to F.R.S if you don't your ships will become a debris cloud.
If not by myself then by another. No FRS = No Fleet

The Klingons have a saying Dujeychugh jagh nIv yItuHQo.
Translation: There is nothing shameful in falling before a superior enemy.

I will not Nuke your defense's and NOT attack as is the habit of commander spassy, who finds it "Fun".

Game Etiquette

Being polite to an attacker, is considered proper etiquette by many players.
They are, after all, only playing the game as you are, and were the situation reversed you would be attacking them. If you are polite to others they will be polite to back.
Its called "Good manners".

It is considered polite to message them, to let them know you are home, and will take measures to prevent it from being profitable. "Hi, I'm home and I see you. Figured I would let you know so you wouldn't waste a trip".

If politeness isn't reason enough, then protecting your defenses should be. Without your fleet, your defenses will not do much to the attacker. They would not have attacked you to start with, if your defenses were of concern to them.

Of course, if your defenses will blow their fleet out of space, and you can harvest the debris and laugh at them as they lick their wounds wondering why they lost. Then it is not rude to be silent, other than "Thanks" after the event.

Misc Info


Right click open in New tab >> Battle Song
Rapid Fire Tables Ship to Ship | Ship to Defense
Speed Tables Jet Drive | Pulse Drive | Warp Drive

Player Trade Ratios Max Ratio Min Ratio
Ore » Hydrogen 3:1 2 : 1
Ore » Crystal 2:1 1.5 : 1
Crystal » Hydrogen 2:1 1 : 1


Sgt Patriot2.jpg

Sgt Patriot is a Klingon who served in the Klingon Defense Force during the 24th century. In 2373, Sgt Patriot was the commander of the guard for Lady Grilka. He was dismissed in the same year after he challenged and lost to Quark in an honor duel.

While Sgt Patriot's honor was technically retained his loss to a Ferengi saw his reputation ruined and a loss of respect from his fellow warriors. His new poor status seriously hampered his life making it difficult for him to find suitable assignments.

By 2375, he was able to gain the position as third officer on the IKS MalbeB, a poor vessel with substandard crew. His reputation followed him and he did not receive the respect his position deserved from the crew. He frequently clashed with Mon'kor on the ship. In that year the MalbeB was involved in a battle with the Jem'Hadar that saw the senior officers were killed leaving Sgt Patriot as the ranking officer. After the ship was rescued by the USS Swiftfire-A he accepted the Swiftfire's offer of assistance and abandoned the crippled MalbeB.

Sgt Patriot was in the ship's Fire lounge talking with Captain Jonathan Masters when the Swiftfire was boarded. He like most of the crew was incapacitated by the anesthezine that was pumped throughout the ship. He was soon revived by an unaffected member of the ship, G'Ethza, who also revived Captain Masters. He was part of Masters' sabotage team that attempted to destroy the ship's starboard nacelle pylon. When the group was attack Sgt Patriot was disarmed of his phaser by Fourth Corhan'ital but managed to fight the Jem'Hadar off before engaging First Rebis'Fetra in hand-to-hand combat. Sgt Patriot prevailed before he was shot in the back by Corhan'ital.

Sgt Patriot and Mon'kor were the only ones left alive from the group after the surviving Jem'Hadar departed with Masters. Sgt Patriot decided to assault the bridge to again engage the Jem'Hadar in combat. During the attack he killed another three Jem'Hadar before he was again wounded by disruptor fire. Sgt Patriot survived his wounds and was transported to the ship's sickbay where he recovered.

In recognition of Sgt Patriot's actions Captain Masters offered to put him up for a Starfleet Medal of Honor or the Klingon equivalent to try and help Sgt Patriot regain the honor and respect he deserved. Sgt Patriot thanked Masters and declared that their houses were now intertwined.

Sgt Patriot found out that the Ferengi had been using a special device that allowed another to control his body movements and helped him defend himself. (A Ferengi obviously doesn't stand a chance against a Klingon with a bat'leth) Sgt Patriot later killed the Ferengi in another honor duel. An with the actions of Captain Master's and the death of the Ferengi, Sgt Patriot was able to regain his Honor and the respect his position deserved.

History modified version of (

U.S. Army Veteran

Served 81-93.

US Army Veteran, 58th CEC 3 /11th ACR, Airborne Lead The Way
Ribbon Bar.png 11th-Armored-Cavalry-Reg-patch.svg.png VetCoin BlankChk.gif


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