United Nations Space Command (UNSC)

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United Nations Space Command (UNSC)
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: United Nations Space Command
Alliance Tag: UNSC
Founded: 2009-10-08
Leader: Captain Nix
Members: 8
Recruiting: Yes
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank:
  Total Average
Destroyed Ships:
War records
Wins Losses Draws
0 3 0
Last updated: 2014-3-16


Welcome to the UNSC wiki page

We are an alliance that believes in grouping in one spot and beating anyone who tries to break our weaker members' game esteem. We accept most everyone, but see rules for any exceptions.

We rather have an ally than a foe but not everyone can be a friend or what fun would a war game be, so don't be dismayed by a NAP rejection. Any NAP agreements may be complicated and may cause frustration to some if not most participants. If you can get a NAP with us, don't break it because "They are more trusting than your (Insert name/word here) member." This is because this, by no means a valid argument on either your side or ours, because we would need evidence of what ever was broken by whomever.

We are currently having a few issues, nothing big but we won't be responsive to member applicants, NAPs or declaration of wars. We will retaliate against attacks but we are having a few issues. Resolved for the most part.


1. Be civil. Ranting in the forums is annoying, the use of foul language even more so, and what are clearly lies may cause tensions against you by multiple members, even if you say, "I was just being sarcastic." That does not work online.

2. Be at least semi active. Even if you can't get on every day, do your best to get on every other day or once a week.

3. Don't Break any NAP commands, if you do so you will be punished by what the NAP says is a viable punishment.

4. Don't be a spy, if you are a discovered spy, you will be kicked out and we will do our best to punish you without breaking any policies.

5. Follow terms and condition. Just read them or ask someone for what they roughly say if you do not understand them.

6. Try to be modest and try not to be a hypocrite. We all slip up but please try not to.


Motto: "We are as solid as a new castle against your swords."

Current leader: Captain Nix
Current counsel: General Disarray
Current Size: 8 Members


Kittyger Armada(kittyger)
The Foundation(TF)
The Galactic commanders(The G.C.)
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