True Klingon (Bat'leth)

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True Klingon (Bat'leth)
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Alliance overview
Alliance Name: True Klingon
Alliance Tag: Bat'leth
Genre: Star Trek
Founded: 2011-05-28
Leader: Eagles Foot
Members: 24
Recruiting: Yes
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: Dominatus Class
  Total Average
Destroyed Ships:
War records
Wins Losses Draws
Last updated: 2013-1-7
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Our Identity And Origin

tlhIngan maH! We are the True Klingon Alliance (tag: "Bat'leth" after the traditional Klingon weapon first forged by Emperor Kahless). We are a collection of dedicated RPGers from around the world who, for the most part, were the elite warriors of the Klingon Black Fleet. We have now formed our own house where we dedicate ourselves to Klingon honor, family, and glorious battle! (Though it may sound odd to some, our alliance is more like a family than a collection of strangers who are playing a game.)

Our Purpose In The Game

Battle! When possible our alliance fights as a group, engaging in both group defends and attacks. When this is not possible or practical, each member of Bat'leth is still a predator, seeking out targets on his/her own. We live by the motto, "No fleetsave = no fleet." Many have fallen to our fury; many more shall fall! Everyone who is not an ally is potentially a target. We are Klingons of the True Klingon House – battle is “what we do” and to our enemies we say, "Hegh neH chav qoH" ("A fool's only achievement is death.")

New recruits, fear not: in addition to group attacks and defends our experienced members and officers provide support and guidance for newer and less experienced players. As each individual member grows more powerful the rank, power, and stature of the alliance (as a whole) increases.

Attention, all new citizens:

The approaching Klingons are Bat'leth Security Officers.
They will conduct your processing.
Your transition into the Empire will go quickly.
Be sure to keep your arms at your sides,
and keep your hands empty at all times.
Make every effort not to appear threatening,
and you will not be harmed.
When your number is assigned,
go quickly to the transport vehicles,
to be ferried to the O-C-H mines.
Rejoice, for through your efforts and labor,
Klingon rule will be spread throughout the galaxy!

Welcome to the Klingon Empire!
(Standard Announcement: Bat'leth Army Of Occupation)

Our Organization

The Chancellor is the Supreme Commander of the True Klingon Alliance. He or she is the final authority on all matters pertaining to the alliance. The Chancellor is supported and guided by the assistance of a High Council which includes various offices including Security, Diplomacy, and Training officers. Other officers serve as Quadrant Commanders. All offices and officers ultimately exist to help alliance members/players succeed in the game.

Since all Klingons are godlike and mighty, the practice of our current Chancellor has been to call for the opinions of the membership before making major decisions. In this respect, the alliance functions much like a democracy. In any case, the opinions of all members are respected and will be heard. Each player is a valued and respected member of the alliance.


We are looking for Klingon warriors to join our alliance. Note that all potential members may be interviewed by Bat'leth Security Officers. If you were referred or invited to our alliance, please include the name of the person who referred you.

Code Of Conduct

All SFC and Blue Frog Gaming rules must be followed. These rules include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Spamming - You may not advertise any product or service in game. You may also not mass-message users with your crew links, alliance requests, or anything else.
  • Verbal Abuse - Conversation must be civil. Verbal abuse in messaging, even private messages, will not be tolerated.
  • Extortion - It is illegal to request or send payment of any sort for withholding or canceling attacks.
  • Botting - Players may not use any sort of automated script or program to run missions or perform any other in-game actions.
  • Bug Exploitation - Players may not abuse any bug found in the game for profit and are expected to report any bugs they find to support immediately.

Our Ranks

The ranks will be as follows:

  • 0-4999 Sogh lagh (Warrior 2nd Class)
  • 5000-9,999 ra'wl' Sogh (Lieutenant)
  • 10,000-24,999 ra'wl' (Commander)
  • 25,000-49,999 HoD (Captain)
  • 50,000-99,999 totlh (Major)
  • 100,000-199,999 cha'Dlch (Colonel)
  • 200,000-299,999 wa'Dlch'aj (Brigadier)
  • 300,000 + yo'aj (General - Invited to sit on High Council at the Chancellor's discretion: max 21)

Notes: Rank is based upon and reflects one’s DSP (destroyed ship points), not in-game rank.

Our NAPs

Non-aggression pacts (NAPs) will be considered on a case by case basis. We currently maintain very few NAPs. Please do not be offended if your NAP request is rejected. Alliance members are free to maintain personal NAPs (PNAPs) as they see fit.

Our Call And Challenge

Star Trek fan? Klingon fan? Want to play Starfleet Commander on a more aggressive level? Want to make some new friends? Our message board contains everything from training tips/advice to humor and the great wisdom of our Klingon Nymph Brigade.

Perhaps the True Klingon Alliance is for you.


potlhbe’chugh yay qatlh pe’’eghlu’.

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