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Alliance Name: Trans-Galactic Diplomatic Agency
Alliance Tag: >)Ѧ(<
Genre: SFC Extreme



Founded by Orion Nebula.

Current Admiral Commander Kemel.

Current members (14)

The Origins Of T-GDA

6 Months ago an alliance by the name of Intergalactic Defense Council was created by Orion Nebula with the mandates to help those in need, through thick and thin they prevailed over many enemies. However when the super alliance called Emergency Defense Council collapsed, it caused havoc on all participating alliances, it was discovered that a spy had infiltrated them. After that incident, founder of said alliances did an overhaul and banished all spies, **IDC** soon became **IDCX** for Interstellar Defense Coalition Xtreme, Whilst marching under that name they fought back countless enemies and bullies with more ruthlessness than before, however when the communication within the alliance collapsed Orion Nebula did another complete overhaul of the alliance, renaming it to Trans-Galactic Diplomatic Agency, this alliance also has new mandates, Our mandates are now to destroy all bullies and make a nice profit from them, but to also help our friends. T-GDA is also essentially a training alliance, we take in new members and help them to learn the game and rank up quicker.

Click here to join Trans-Galactic Diplomatic Agency

Alliance Ranking System

Alliance Leader = Admiral

Officers = Vice-Admiral

All other ranks follow the member's specific game ranking:

10K - 8000 = Cadet

7999 - 7000 = Ensign

6999 - 5000 = Petty Officer

4999 - 2000 = Lieutenant

1999 - 1000 = Commander

999 - 1 = Captain

Rules of the alliance

1. all members must be respected

2. all NAP players are not to be attacked

3. moderate language please as we may have younger players

4. have fun and dont let anyone push you around

5. you are in the alliance because you chose to be, if you have no wish to be here then please kindly leave

Current as of 08.27.2010

--Page developed by User:Jedai DarkAce & User:Orion Nebula (Admiral) 2010 --

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