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For the Good of All; Out of Many, One

Dear visitor:

On behalf of the people of the Terran Star Commonwealth and our member worlds, we thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

The Terran Star Commonwealth was formed and has since prospered after an attack on our home system wiped out the five other independent worlds in our home system. Our capital planet was the strongest in the system and was the sole surviving world. Learning from that lesson I made it my goal to not just grow and colonize other worlds but to also build our defenses and establish diplomatic relations with other alliances and even independent worlds to avoid anything like what we experienced to happen to another fairly new nation on the rise. Therefore the Terran Star Commonwealth was born.

Please feel free to click on the links below for quick reference. Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to the appropriate members of leadership. Again, thank you from all of us for visiting the Terran Star Commonwealth.

Jonas Michael Preston
Terran Star Commonwealth


Commonwealth Philosophy and Membership

For the Good of All; Out of Many, One.

This quotation is the corner-stone of the Terran Star Commonwealth's governing, political, commerce, military and diplomatic philosophy. We believe that what is for the good for all is good for and makes up the commonwealth and its members and while our members are sovereign and govern their holdings in their own right, we act as one force in our day to day operations, in every aspect, peace or war.

Our membership is open to anyone. Our members enjoy trade with both member and non member worlds and other alliances as well as a unified defense force and helpful advice from more experienced players on topics from territory building, research and development, fleet building, defense, trade, strategy and combat tips. To apply for membership to the commonwealth, please contact a member who will then forward your request to the Chancellor of State Affairs.

Commonwealth Constitution

Commonwealth Leadership

The leadership of the Terran Star Commonwealth is made of of several positions and ranks both political and military leaders. The leadership is as follows:

Political Leadership
Vice President
Lord President of the Senate
Chancellor of State Affairs
Chancellor of Commerce
Justice of the High Court

Military Leadership
Sky Marshal
High Commander

The Commonwealth Senate

The High Command

Chancellery of State Affairs

Chancellery of Commerce

The High Court of the Commonwealth

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