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The EMPIRE (Extreme)

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Our Mission

We are the Elite

We find the quixotic ideals of the other alliances as opprobrious. We are rank #1 and we must be feared. We are the ones who you will see and wish you had a diplomacy mode to toggle. Yes, many hate us, we don't care. The only sight of our might will be the inevitable quietus as our fleets grind your fleets to dust. You may try, but there is no point in running. We will seek you, hunt you down and then destroy you.


  • Stabby Mcknife

Most Lethal Members

  • Blackmar
  • Adm. Bacardi
  • Aural Trash
  • Harbinger of Death
  • Lrrr

Heavy Hitters

  • snedz
  • Wargasm
  • legend_rs
  • Commander Darkwood

Retired Members

  • codename_b
  • Yaman

Member Titles

  • LunarAvenger, first attack in EXTREME
  • codename_b and Yaman, first Hephaestus Kill
  • codename_b, first Zeus Killing in EXTREME
  • God, first Hephaestus class built
  • Stabby McKnife, first Zeus class Built
  • snedz, most probes killed in attack(19k)
  • Yaman, first Moon

Alliance Titles

  • Ranked #1 Overall
  • Ranked #1 Most Fleet Points
  • Ranked #1 Most Ships Destroyed Points

Relationship with other Alliances


  • The EMPIRE is at War with everyone.
  • Most recent mass declaration of War (15-04-2010)
  • Motto relating to war: Peior est bello timor ipse belli


  • The EMPIRE does not recognize the Non-Aggression Pact
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