Stargate Command (S G C)

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Alliance Name: Stargate Command
Alliance Tag: S G C
Genre: Stargate

Stargate Command

Elliot lewin is the creator and leader of stargate command

Alliance Relations

NAP Alliance Name Alliance Tag Members
[NAP] Time Wasters Time 114
[NAP] United Federation of Planets UFP 313
[NAP] Halls Of Justice Justice 32
[NAP] The Last Horizon TLH 29
[NAP] Circle of Shadows Circle 94
[NAP] Delta Quadrant Alliance D.Q.A> 42
[NAP] Red Dwarf Alliance RDA 109
[NAP] Klingon Black Fleet KBF 306
[NAP] Bush Whackers BUSH 42
[NAP] True Pug Empire Extreme PUG Extr 201
[NAP] A New Hope New Hope 539
[NAP] Extreme Federation of Galaxies Extreme 56
[NAP] The Astral Empire Extreme AEE 182
[NAP] United Space Command U.S.C. 88
[NAP] Stargate Space Fleet SSF 178
[NAP] Star Fleet Elite *SFE* 114
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