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Star Fox is an alliance in the Starfleet Commander Extreme Universe. The current leader is Crimson Wolf.

Guidelines of the Alliance

  1. Remember, this is just a game. We are here to have fun, as is everyone else.
  2. We are defensive, but not pacifist. We will defend each other and retaliate.
  3. It is advised not to constantly attack someone. If a member's unprovoked actions leads to another alliance wanting to go to war, that member will be banished.
  4. Don't attack inactive members. If you are really worried about their resources, then group defend.
  5. If a member does anything to get suspended, they will be banished (with some exceptions).
  6. Be civil on the message board. Do not use curse/swear words (omitting letters and using .'s and using acronyms count as curse/swear words) or any mature language.
    Such posts will be deleted on sight.
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