Seekers of Valhalla (Glory)

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Seekers of Valhalla (Glory)
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: -
Alliance Tag: -
Genre: Generic
Founded: N/A
Leader: -
Members: N/A
Recruiting: Unknown
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: N/A
  Total Average
Overall: N/A N/A
Building: N/A N/A
Destroyed Ships: N/A N/A
Fleet: N/A N/A
Defense: N/A N/A
Research: N/A N/A
Crew: N/A N/A
War records
Wins Losses Draws
Last updated: 2015-12-20

We, The Seekers of Valhalla (Glory). Glory tries to keep its NAP's to a minimum to ensure the maximum amount of targets possible for us to attack.

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