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Alliance overview
Alliance Name: SWaRM
Alliance Tag: SWaRM
Founded: 2009-11-21
Leader: Klarg
Members: 26
Recruiting: Yes
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank:
  Total Average
Destroyed Ships:
War records
Wins Losses Draws
2 3 0
Last updated: 2014-3-19


We in SWaRM are a small but active top 40 alliance of active players who want to get more out of this game by cooperating in organizing attacks, helping with defense, exchanging gifts and trades, but most importantly to have fun together.

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As stated by several of the High Commanders, SWaRM started in a game called Planetarion. PA (Planetarion abbreviated) is one of the first games that had the setup Starfleet used. It wasn't based in real time, but instead used turns, or ticks, of an hour. Research, construction of ship creation would last from somewhere 8 hours up to three days. Yes it was a game that had a slow pacing. Which may seem slow, but when you take into account the teamwork and effort involved in a game that allows all alliance members to see incoming attacks, a game where your income generators are stealable and fleetsaving is pointless...

The alliance was started by two friends, R4ven and anom. They set up the first forum, on a site called avidgamers and started working together. For a while the alliance grew and prospered, though it stuck at a low count of members. This was mostly by the choice of the creators, who wanted a small band of active players who knew eachother and would be ready to help one another. They went for the personal approach.

Details get sketchy after that, but anom and R4ven fell out with one another. They argued over alliance matters and decided to each go their separate ways. R4ven continued with his own new alliance and anom persevered with SWaRM, creating it into the Friendly Alliance it is today. Various branches were created during SWaRMs best years and in the years that followed, playing EvE, WoW, Spaceminers, Planetia, Starfleet Commander, and now Starfleet Commander Universe 2.

Member's Input

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This shows the member's comments.

What They Like About It

"I like our focus on using technology as an strategic advantage and the benefit we get from the military minds within our membership."
"Swarm is a community. A place where you talk, express, sharing, helping and best of all you can be fit in no matter what your nationality is."
"SWaRM is a community. The friendships I have made here now stretch to the real world as well thanks to SWaRM's first local meet up. SWaRM is a multi national gaming community with a long history that continues to grow. Meeting people from other countries is great and leads to some very interesting debates."

Leader Board

Alliance Rank

Overall: #23
Resources Spent: #24
Fleet: #21
Research: #28
Defense: #24
Crew: #30
Destroyed Ships: #22

Alliance Average Rank

Overall: #223
Resource Spent: #262
Fleet: #200
Research: #809
Defense: #331
Crew: #433
Destroyed Ships: #168

"Current Rank on 9/22/10"

Member of SWaRM

Member List (161 Members)
User Postion
Warlord Supreme High Commander


If you are interested don't hesitate and go to the alliance tab and apply to SWaRM. Please add a supporting statement to your application, which should include a small one-sentence introduction, and your coordinates.
I hope you will join our alliance.
Kind Regards!

Click here to join SWaRM(Facebook)

Click here to join SWaRM(Starfleet)

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--Page developed by Jamesa and Warlord Supreme(High Commander), 2010--

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