Rigellian Compact (RgC)

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Rigellian Compact (RgC)
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: Rigellian Compact
Alliance Tag: RgC
Genre: Star Trek
Founded: December 12, 2009
Leader: Tal Khoraash
Members: 30 strong
Recruiting: Yes
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank:
  Total Average
Overall: 50 49
Building: 45 52
Destroyed Ships: 46 52
Fleet: 49 55
Defense: 43 56
Research: 42 75
Crew: 64 79
War records
Wins Losses Draws
0 0 0
Last updated: 2013-1-16

Rigellian Compact

Rigel (or Beta Orionis) is a star and the primary of the Rigel system, and makes up part of the constellation Orion. The star is in or near Federation space.

The Rigel system is a densely-populated star system, with several inhabited planets, home to a number of different native intelligent species, together with a significant non-native population living in the Rigel colonies. The native species living in the system include the Rigelians, the similarly named Rigellians and the Kaylar. There are also Humans living in the Rigel system.

Rigelian Scoutship

The Rigellian Compact is a friendly group of moderate size who strive to provide support to its members and suffering to its enemies. We do prefer to seek out diplomatic solutions where reasonable. We have a set Charter and Chain of Command. There is also an active discussion board and alliance website.

Simply put: This game is a lot more fun when you have allies! Friendship and Cooperation are Power!!

If you are looking for fun, You will also find it here! Our morale officer regularly posts games and parties for all members to enjoy.

There are no set prerequisites for membership at this time, although we do reserve the right to ask reasonable questions and develop a degree of trust prior to admitting any player. We do have set rules and an Academy whose purpose is to help develop lower ranked members into strong and productive citizens. Those who are interested should apply [ Here ] and will be contacted by our Academy leaders.

Rigelian Freighter

RobotRobot.pngAdvanced Strategy Guide

Universe 1 Leadership

Alliance Leadership
First Rigellian Tal Khoraash
High Command Ardor Killjoy
Morale Officer Unownreality

Universe 2 Leadership

Alliance Leadership
First Rigellian Tal Khoraash
Sir Commander
Sir Commander
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