Protection 481 (481)

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Protection 481 (481)
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Alliance overview
Alliance Name: Protection 481
Alliance Tag: 481
Founded: 2010-01-29
Leader: Stephan Locher
Members: 1
Recruiting: Yes
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: Terminus Class
  Total Average
Destroyed Ships:
War records
Wins Losses Draws
Last updated: 2014-8-17

481 is a group of players dedicated to building strength, sharing intel and trading resources among our members. We are moderate in that we are not completely passive/peaceful, but not hell bent on creating wars where they need not be either.

We will hit inactive targets in order to accumulate resources and generally leave the active members of other alliances alone so long as they don't endanger any of our members. At the same time we will do whatever necessary and possible to protect our members.

Our alliance only accepts a select few. We prefer power as demonstrated by rank and skill, over sheer quantity of members. We are looking for players who think through the big picture, and are capable of working cooperatively towards specific strategic goals as set forth by the alliance leader and his officers.

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