New Special Air Service (NSAS)

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New Special Air Service (NSAS)
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: -
Alliance Tag: -
Genre: Generic
Founded: N/A
Leader: -
Members: N/A
Recruiting: Unknown
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: N/A
  Total Average
Overall: N/A N/A
Building: N/A N/A
Destroyed Ships: N/A N/A
Fleet: N/A N/A
Defense: N/A N/A
Research: N/A N/A
Crew: N/A N/A
War records
Wins Losses Draws
Last updated: 2015-12-20

We really are starting to make a come-back.

Growing Alliance rising through the ranks. Out for some fun!

Currently recruiting members in Galaxy Thirty-Four (34); however to see if we are a good fit for you please send your galaxy number when requesting membership.

We are experienced members willing to help teach and pass-on our knowledge.
Please consider joining us:
We will help you get out of "diplomatic mode" so you can rise faster in rank.

And remember...It is only a game. We are all here for fun.

Tell them PatJS sent you.

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