Lunartic Death Slayer Muppets (Lunartic)

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Lunartic Death Slayer Muppets
The Oracle sees you.

Lunartic Death Slayer Muppets


Some days you just can't win. No matter what you do, it will be for naught. A few minutes ago you were celebrating a successful hit on a fresh inactive. You scored big! Huge resources and a nice fleet you just killed. You sent your whole fleet for it, but it was worth it. Those resources will come in handy to upgrade a tech somewhere, build some more ships, or upgrade that foundry a level. The sad part is that you just checked your fleet screen and noticed there is an even larger fleet attacking your homeworld. An attack that will land a mere two seconds after your fleet returns. TWO SECONDS!

Frantically you shut down every add on to your browser. You kill every other program that may be eating valuable bandwidth on your computer. You pray to your God that BFG does not suffer through any lag issues when your fleet returns. You practice refreshing your browser on your fleet screen. You hope you are able to at least save your fleet.





SNAP! The BFG White Screen of Death! Your fleet now orbits your planet as a rather large debris field and half your resources are gone. "What happened?" you ask yourself. I'll tell you.

You were Oracle locked by the best of the best. Lunartic. We have moons. A lot of them. And they are all equipped with Warp Gates and Oracles. You can't fart without one of us knowing.

Lunartic is a small close knit alliance of highly skilled players. We are scattered about in the Original Universe and will hit anything that moves. Don't cross us or you will be fleetless.

We have some high standards of our members.

  • 1. Fleetsave always.
  • 2. Alliance before buddies.
  • 3. Hit everything that moves.
  • 4. Hit everything sitting still.
  • 5. Don't mess up.
Warp Gates to bring our fleets closer to you.
And our Dios to clean up the mess we make.
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