Legio XIII (Legio 13)

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Legio XIII (Legio 13)
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: -
Alliance Tag: -
Genre: Generic
Founded: N/A
Leader: -
Members: N/A
Recruiting: Unknown
Alliance stats
Alliance Rank: N/A
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Overall: N/A N/A
Building: N/A N/A
Destroyed Ships: N/A N/A
Fleet: N/A N/A
Defense: N/A N/A
Research: N/A N/A
Crew: N/A N/A
War records
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Last updated: 2015-12-20

The Legio XIII Charter

Glory to Caesar, Savior of our Galactic Republic!

Greeting Citizen, and welcome to Legio XIII. Think of this as an introduction to life in the legion. Here you can find rules and clarifications on how we operate.

Goal: Caesar has spoken. The Galactic Republic is besieged by corruption and barbarism, and life is indeed bleak for many in the cosmos. Caesar strives everyday to bring justice back to the people, and will use Legio XIII as his instrument of glory!

Citizenship: The way to save this universe is to bring all civilized people's under legion life. They must learn discipline, strength and honor. This can only be done through citizenship, which can only be earned through membership in Legio XIII. Members, and above all governors, should look to recruit actively in their galaxy, keeping an open eye for worthy looking recruits. We value strength and honor, and this must reflect in those we bring into the fold.

Duty: Duty is to Caesar, Legio XIII and the Republic. All your actions must strive for the glory of these. So attack and crush barbarians, or farm in peace, just remember Caesar's will! As such, attacking alliances that are not idle without consent or provocation will not be tolerated. Crucifixion awaits those who attack our NAP members. Glory!

Expansion: This Republic is constantly expanding into new frontiers. Many of these frontiers are lawless, and lack good Romans. Caesar, therefore, promotes the expansion of Legio into new galaxies, and those who are willing to commit in bulk to a new area should seek governorship for these areas if they are lacking. To be a governor is to become an officer, so those looking for rank and privilege should talk to the Consul about this matter. It is highly encouraged for those who seek Glory!

Rank Organization: Theses are the ranks of the Legio. Expect to follow the rules of the officers. If you do not like the rules, become an officer and work to change them! Otherwise flagrant actions done against the goals of the Legion will be reprimanded.

Consul (Leader): There are two Consuls of Legio XIII. One is permanently Caesar, who is so glorious he is not even a player in this game. The other Consul is one from the ranks of the Legion, who speaks with Caesar's authority and represents his will. This will be the leader of Legio XIII. The position is flexible, but there are no term limits. This position is the "leader position"

Pro-Consul (Officer): This position is given to the one who was previously Consul. They retain significant voice in the Legion, and are still to be an officer.

Legatus Legionus (Officer): This position is reserved for appointment by the Consul. The person with this title is the military 2nd in command, who will execute the will of Caesar on the battlefield (as dictated by the Consul). They speak for the Legion on war, and seek glory! A person who is appointed for this position is given officer rank.

Governor (Officer): This person is the governor of the galaxy where they primarily reside. The Consul appoints One Governor for each Galaxy. If there are no governors in a galaxy, a member of Legio XIII may petition for governor's rank to the Consul. This is the primary method of becoming an OFFICER in Legio XIII. They primary method of keeping this position, which can be taken away in favor of those more worthy, is to RECRUIT. As Governor, your job is to RECRUIT people into the Legion, as this is the only way we will save the Republic! You may also appoint those under you as Centurion, but they will remain at member rank. As governor, you are the head officer of your galaxy, and those who have issues should come to you for advice and protection. You are expected to look to your soldiers, and the Roman people they protect. Therefore you are considered the ambassador of your realm, and through your position you will execute your will and that of the Republic.

Legionary (Member): Legionaries of Legio XIII are the true heroes of the republic, because it is you that works everyday to bring justice to this universe. You are the fighting backbone of Legio XIII, without which Caesar could not save the Republic. It is your job to follow the will of your governors and officers, while seeking out glory in your own way. Destroy barbarian and bring peace to the galaxy. Dirt does clean off the hands easier than blood, but there is still more blood to be shed before you are done. Roma Victa!

Glory WILL be bestowed upon Legio XIII, with your help. Join in becoming active with this community! We need YOU to save this Universe from itself!

-Tappist, Consul of Legio XIII

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