League of Liquid Fire (~ONYX~)

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League of Liquid Fire (~ONYX~)
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: League of Liquid Fire
Alliance Tag: ~ONYX~
Founded: 2009-10-06
Leader: Cmdr Dick Dastardly
Members: 163
Recruiting: Yes
Alliance stats
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  Total Average
Destroyed Ships:
War records
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Last updated: 2014-3-16

The League of Liquid Fire

The planet currently known as the Eye of Terror has been renamed many times by past planetary rulers. The current name is meant to strike fear into lesser offensive cultures, as one only has to see the amount of defenses in place to realize what true strength is (currently ranked among the top 25 most impregnable planets in the galaxy). In reality the current planetary government is fairly peaceful, but this wasn't always so. The Eye of Terror, ruling planet of the Crystal Consortium, and Alliance headquarters for the League of Liquid Fire (ONYX), was once as warlike as its name belies.

In its pre-nuclear state, the city-states of the Eye of Terror (much like those of ancient Greece in Ancient Earth History) were dedicated to the gods of fire, and volcano's were seen as favorable signs from the gods. Whenever a volcano would erupt (which was often, as the core temperature of the Crystal Citadel was 17% hotter than normal class M planets,) the culture's primitive customs from its past, called for offerings to the gods of fire in the form of volcano sacrifices. Obviously there was no higher honor than this, so accordingly the tribes used this time to honor their enemies. Indeed the tradition of the duel thrived in this culture, where-as if the loser was not mortally wounded, or some how recovered, he would be burned to ashes anyways and offered to the victorious family to fertilize their fields. The winning clan was expected to take control of the losers clan and envelop and support them as its own. After 6,000 years history there was only one dominant clan who went on to claim planetary rulership.

The golden age had already started and without the planet warring with each other at this stage, progress was made quite rapidly, and within 150 years of the development of gunpowder, 3 of the planets 12 moons had already been landed upon. Because of the planets unusually high core temperature and abundant metals and minerals, sand was scarce, found only in the highest climates of the world. Far more abundant was crystal in many varieties, so the architecture was based primarily upon these assets. Crystal provided a strong base working material, and indeed, to this day it is used in most manufacturing processes and our armor and weapons technology is based primarily off this tech, which is shared with alliance members upon joining..

To the Stars: Spaceflight came after the fire sacrifices had been abolished by a more enlightened rulership. The tradition of dueling was kept, although seen by certain elements of society as barbaric. Indeed the followers of the volcano changed dramatically as well. When fighting off pirates, ships exploded in space, and the sight was recorded on the finest crystal sensors of the time, and it created a stunning impact upon society... the enemy ships exploding formed a sort of liquid fire explosion in space, a celestial volcano of sorts.. all too brief to sit and watch at length, as the oxygen from the exploding vessels would soon burn it self out. This fed the next generation of artists, with subjects to create and liken, as well as assured space travel and fleet funding was funded to greater heights!

Inevitably, contact was made with other cultures. Some were outright hostile to think that there were other deities to be worshiped but theirs! And others were intrigued that Liquid Fire, lava, could be considered a source of strength and inner peace, while unlike other religions, requiring absolutely NO heavy financial backing, a thing that 99% of other cultures religions INSISTED upon. The culture of the Crystal Consortium was viewed with awe, their technology very advanced, and their citizens highly resistant to heat and able to endure most rigors, with the exception of sub-zero temperatures, causing a sort of lethargy...

As to the Liquid Fire culture, one would simply prepare themselves mentally and physically, and when the time was right, turn their enemies into erupting volcanoes in space. The length of the wait... as long or as short as the member was comfortable with. The concept of dueling in the League of Liquid Fire is still very active. If a member seems to be distancing himself from the others (going inactive) any and all members may duel his fleets and planetary defenses until they are all liquid metal and fire. Also, outside enemies may be melted down as well. Please hold them in the highest esteem, as they appease the tranquility of our peoples (who receive the broadcasts of all fleet engagements and ship destruction, much like the Earth alliance uses fireworks for its celebrations).

So to this stardate, the League of Liquid Fire (~ONYX~) has grown into an interstellar power. Each system governor able to dictate its own terms in the alliance with very few exceptions:

1. Thou shalt honor thy enemy. Treat him as you would wish to be treated in victory or defeat. Diplomacy is essential even in the heat of battle.

2 Assist those in need. People must only enter the fire when it is their time. Help others when you can, and do not let pride stop you from others helping you.

3. Learn. Wisdom is the most impressive resource in the universe, unless it goes unheard.

In accordance with Galactic Prophecy, the heralds of ~ONYX~ shall grow strong. Crystal never lies, it can only be misinterpreted and underestimated.

Cmdr. Pollek

Ruler of the Crystal Consortium


Lead Council of the League of Liquid Fire (~ONYX~)

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