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What is LIC?

The League of Interstellar Champions is intended as a Passive Aggressive alliance and information exchange. We can and will respond with force to attacks upon our members.

We encourage our members to learn more about the game (and will assist them in doing so), as well as encouraging them to execute low-risk raiding against vulnerable neighbors in order to enhance their total resource income and also destroyed ships ranking. This is a training alliance but we train for no other alliance, we train to be the best, we train to be champions.

We also have a very active message forum, and routinely engage in trading, group attacks, group defends, moon shots, and sharing of vital information on potential raiding targets and potential threats among our members and also with our allies.

The League of Interstellar Alliance is not like other alliances, we are not throwback versions of other alliances. We are who we are. We expect the same respect from other players and alliances, as we will give to them. We can be your best friend or we can be your worst enemy.

What are LIC morals?

Honor: we are a band of players who will always do what it takes for the league of interstellar champions to be respected by all. Everything we do, we do for the honor of our alliance name.

Loyalty: as long as you are a member of this alliance you are always under our care, we all must help each other in all aspects of the game stay loyal to the cause the cause will stay loyal to you.

Commitment: we are all committed to doing what it takes to make this game more enjoyable for all members and all players outside the alliance, unless provoked otherwise.


The League of Interstellar Champions is ruled over by its Admiral and 2 Commodore when Admiral is not present for a period of time, with advisement from a group of officers known as the Supreme Council. Full membership in the Supreme Council is limited to thirteen. There is also an allowed limit of four Quadrant Commanders each of the four Quadrant Commanders will be in charge of twenty five galaxies. Then there are ten Sub Quadrant Captains each in charge of ten galaxies. Finally the following ranks with no officer privileges Lieutenant, Ensign, Cadet.

Any issue of diplomacy or membership (the acceptance, denial, or cancellation of an NAP; beginning or end of a WAR; admission, promotion, demotion, or expulsion of a member; or mergers with other alliances) may be brought to a formal vote by the sole discretion and decision of the Supreme Council. In cases where such decisions are not submitted to the Supreme Council, the Admiral does explicitly have the authority to act on his own initiative.

Issues not listed here are not within the authority of the Supreme Council.

On a case by case basis, full members of the Supreme Council may also be granted limited ambassadorial powers, and powers to act on the Admirals behalf when the Admiral is not available and second to if the commodore is not available.

Current League of Interstellar Champions Ranking

this will be updated on a weekly basis

Resources Spent=#351
Destroyed Ships=#168

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