League of Extraordinary Sentients

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League of Extraordinary Sentients
Alliance overview
Alliance Name: League of Extraordinary Sentients
Alliance Tag: LES
Alliance stats
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Last updated: 2014-2-6

Amongst the upper echelons of galactic civilization exists a group whose name is only spoken in the darkest corners, in the most hushed tones, for fear of the swift and inevitable retribution that will rain down upon them. This group's constitute members have been chosen not only for their nearly incomprehensible level of skill, but for their rapier wit and devilish good looks. They could be anywhere at any time. They could be in your galaxy. They could be in your mothers galaxy. They could be in your house drinking your bloody tea!

By this point, you should be reasonably persuaded that this group is a pretty big deal (If not, you should start again from the beginning). You might be saying to yourself, "I want to join this illustrious group of individuals!"

We Know.

But it really isn't that simple. There are many factors that must be pondered before young hopefuls are even considered, much less admitted. For starters, do you have any special skills? Can you perform complex acrobatic feats, lift reasonably heavy loads, or mix up a palatable gin martini? These are the kinds of skills one must have to rule a universe.

Now you are probably thinking, "Just who is this group of charming and debonair sentient's?!"

The League.

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